Whats your favorite coach accessory currently?

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  1. What is that one accessory that you just cannot part with?:heart:
  2. I think right now its my little legacy coin purse! Its too cute!!!
  3. Just oneeeee? My black samanthas are def. my favorite accessory, they've stuck with me for almost 3 years now!
  4. as of now, my mini skinny.
    but talk to me in about 2 weeks and i'm sure it'll be a legacy something-or-other. :biggrin:
  5. Just one? :shrugs:

    I :heart: my pill case!!! It comes in handy! :yes:

    Close 2nd: My mini skinnys :tender:
  6. I was gonna say.....It would have to be more than one...with all my coach stuff I usually have no less than 5-6 things on me all the time....

    My watch, wallet, mirror, keyfob, one of my bracelets, and my planner. And sometimes I've got even more than that if I opted for a scarf that day.....
  7. I agree with the other ladies here who are finding it hard to come up with one. I love my charms and my embossed mini-skinny, but I've really started to love my 1st wristlet (legacy striped) too! I guess out of those, I get the most practical use out of the mini skinny - which cracks me up b/c I never thought I'd use it as much as I do!
  8. I really love my scarf print wristlet, it is just so beautiful.
  9. ^^LOL Okay ladies, I'll ease up, what are your most favorite accessories ?
  10. my wristlets
  11. my embossed mini skinny & my goldfish keychain. I love that thing!
  12. Mini skinny!
  13. Wristlets definitely!
  14. pill cases are coming back! as well as jewelry holders and a picture frame holder...and my favorite, a journal (but i wish they'd make it cuter like prada's)

    my favorite accessory is the embossed signature leather flap wristlet in the two toned red color starting with B which i cannot spell because i'm horrible at spelling =p

    it's the perfect 'mini' bag to take with me when i'm on break or lunch, or when i don't want to carry a big bag (that i just leave in the car)

    it's my new wallet :idea:
  15. I have 4 mini skinnys they are soo handy, and fun!! And I LOVE my charms,, I can't wait til they come out with more,, I love having my "B" initial, and astro sign charm on my tote bag... they're cool,, because they represent things about yourself.. :yes: ;) ohh, and can't forget my wristlet that I've had a few years now,, very convenient if I don't wanna carry a purse!!;)
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