What's your favorite city in the world?

  1. Saw this thread in my car forum, found it to be pretty fun!

    i :heart::
    las vegas, nv
    huntington beach, ca
    costa mesa, ca
    pacific palisades, ca
    beverly hills, ca

    and despite it being a little behind the times and under comm rule:
    saigon (hcm), vietnam
    hue, vietnam

  2. london
    venice (in italy)
  3. San Francisco
    New York
  4. Athens:love:
  5. Paris, Rome, Prague, Sydney, London.

    I guess pretty much every major metropolis is fascinating in its own way.
  6. definitely MADRID and BARCELONA.

    PARIS comes second.

    and FIRENZE third
  7. Melbourne, London, Paris (still love it, despite everything), New York

  8. What do you mean, despite the Champs Elyssee traffic? :lol:
  9. love NYC and Seattle.
  10. 1. Tokyo:love:
    2. Florence
    3. Paris
    4. Seoul
    5. Kuala Lumpur
  11. Madrid
    Cabo San Lucas
  12. New York
    Buenos Aires :love:
  13. No, despite the French :lol:
  14. New York
    Santa Barbara
  15. London (my no.1 favourite)
    Paris (spent some really nice years there in my 20:ies)
    Las Vegas (where I got married :love:)

    and I quite like my own hometown, nice & friendly Gothenburg, Sweden....
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