~*~What's Your Favorite Childhood Toy?~*~

  1. Hi Everyone!
    I thought it would be fun to do this thread too along with the others!!

    What is your favorite childhood toy??

    Mine would be my Barbies, Barbie Camper and Barbie Car. My sister had the Barbie Airplane and we thought we were in Barbie heaven when we played together! :yahoo: :yes:
  2. My little dirtbike...
  3. I have always had this affinity for paper and writing utensils and such. As a child, my parents would take me buy those cute little Hello Kitty notepad and colored pencil or marker sets. I could never have enough of them!
  4. My Madame Alexander doll I called Suzie!
  5. i was crazy about Barbie until i was about eight. then my cousin, who is 3 years older and lived next door to me at the time, taught me to rollerblade, cycle and skateboard, and after that i was obssesed with it :lol:
  6. My Raggedy Ann doll. I still have her! She will be 42 this Christmas.
  7. Cool thread!!!

    My favorite toys were My Little Ponies!!!
  8. I still have my Raggedy Ann too!!! She's about the same age as yours. She's one of the big dolls and then I have Raggedy Ann and Andy that are the smaller versions. They are the same age as she is.

  9. My Strawberry Shortcake doll!
  10. Soccer ball, still my favorite
  11. I loved teddy bears and a little blue monkey....that I called george...
  12. Cabbage Patch dolls!
  13. Breyer toy horses!! LOL!
  14. Fisher Price Little people when I was real little, then Barbie :smile:

    Still love both...lol
  15. My favorite toys were my Miss Piggy puppet (which I shaved her head and only left a tail and then called her punk pig), my silver purse that I carried everywhere and colored it with crayons, and Barbie!