What's your favorite cheapie?

  1. Okay, let's 'fess up--I know we all have them. What's your favorite NON-designer bag in your collection?

    For example, I have a few museum tote bags I can't live without, and I know Stella McCartney had a major LLBean Boat-n-Tote Bag fixation.

    What about you?
  2. Mine would definately be this Target bag that i bought a year ago. Its alittle flashy and gold but i soooo love it. Its was only $25 bucks:love:
  3. :shame: I dont have any...
  4. Mine is a vintage faux snakeskin clutch I got for a pound on eBay, it seems to go with everything
    Picture 007.jpg
  5. How about my Volcom purse and wallet set? I think they're really cute both under $70!:graucho:
  6. I have 3 bags from the Gap back when Emma Hill was designing for them. I love them and use them all the tine.
  7. oooo I LOVE those! And $70 is still more than I've ever spent on a purse. hee hee But I am so warming up to some more expensive styles. :graucho:
  8. my fossil messenger i use for school, and i also picked up for next to nothing this hand held woven satchel that is perfect for summer also by fossil, but i have yet to try that. otherwise my lesportsac? thats a staple now to my wardrobe becuase i dont want to ruin my bags in the office.
  9. Isaac Mizrahi for Target and Tignanello. Tig bags are real leather and have some nice classic designs. And I love the funky designs that IM has at Target, esp when they are half off!
  10. American Eagle messenger bag.
  11. I have a couple of vintage clutches, I got for like nothing on eBay years ago. They are beautiful.
  12. My two cheapest bags from Target for $10. They are good to bring to the beach and to hold magazines.

  13. A couple of Nine Wests that I got on clearance for like $15 a couple years ago. they hold up great and still look new!
  14. Beaded bags from India.
  15. A guess bag I got for 25 bucks =D Its about the only low designer I use now. And a bag I got at wal mart for about 10 bucks, it's a cameo messenger thats great for concerts!
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