What's your favorite Cerise peice?

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What's your fave Cerise peice?

  1. Speedy

  2. Sac Plat

  3. Pochette

  4. Bucket

  5. Cles

  6. Scarf

  7. Shoes

  8. Keepall

  9. Wallet

  10. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Mine's the pochette- I like the simplicity. :biggrin:
  2. Ditto. :yes: Too much cherries will drive me nuts.
  3. Speedy, Keepall & wallet.
  4. The Speedy:biggrin:
  5. I love the items with only one printed cherry; The Pochette and The Round Key & Change Holder.
  6. Well I only have one cerises line that is the speedy! So Speedy to me!
  7. Keepall 45!
  8. Im with timtimtim...The KEEPALL!!
  9. i'd have to say: pochette then the speedy :love:
  10. Sac Fermoir.. gorgeous !
  11. I love the speedy the best, too cute!:love:
  12. Sac Plat!!!!!!!!
  13. all of them!
  14. Bucket for me! Maybe someday. But I've been a mad spender this past few months....
  15. 1. Speedy
    2. Sac Plat
    3. Keepall

    But the ULTIMATE FAVORITE is Lizard Sac Fermoir GM (in the pic below)!!!:love:
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