What's your favorite cereals???

  1. I love Cocoa Puffs, Kellogg's Corn Flakes and their Frosted Flakes :party:

    Please share your favorite cereals! :tup:

    I'm sorry if this topic has already brought on an old thread..
  2. I don't eat much cereal these days, but I still love Nature's Path Heritage Flakes. The only flake cereal I've ever had that actually stays completely crispy while I'm eating it :yes:
  3. I like weetabix at the moment, i love it with chopped bananna on top.
    I also like cornflakes & branflakes, if im trying to be healthy.
  4. i love Kashi's Go Lean cereals and Kellogs Smart Start cereals!
  5. Rice Chex and Product 19. And I love to just keep them in the milk a bit so they get soggy before I start eating them. I loveeee soggy cereal.
  6. Wheat Chex. :yes:
  7. Special K Vanilla Almond. It's delicious.
  8. I like smart start and kashi as well!
  9. special K with berries. smart start. honey nut cheerios. honey bunches of oats. cinnamon toast crunch.

    I LOVE cereal, I can't buy it because I can't not eat the box in one sitting.
  10. Honey Bunches of Oats!! I usually put a scoop of that Kashi crunch stuff in it as well though.
  11. Corn flakes and plain old Cheerios.
  12. Always liked Raison Bran. As a child I liked Corn Pops. Now healthier with Fiber One.
  13. I'm just wondering.. Have u guys ever tried eating cereal w/out milk? hmm.. the way just like we're snacking chips.. :sweatdrop: hehe I love to do it esp with the regular corn flakes.. :p.. IMO it has much better taste than doritos, lays or pringles..
  14. i actually never eat my cereals wit milk-

    being healthy, i luv special k wit red berries
    feelin nostalgic, i have fruit loops! luv them SOOO!
  15. I love cereal!!!

    Special K with chocolate
    Raisin nut bran
    Basic 4
    Honey bunches of oats with almonds

    I just rotate between these 4 =)