What's your favorite celebrity gossip magazine?

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  1. There are so many different ones in stores now!!! But I always grab Life & Style for some reason. What about you?
  2. Star magazine, I know it is not all true, but I love the pictures. It is a guilty pleasure.
  3. I like Life & Style and InTouch weekly
  4. US Weekly. It's my guilty pleasure.
  5. US weekly, i have a subscription. It's my guilty pleasure.
  6. I like Life & Style. :jammin:
  7. US Weekly and In Touch, I sometimes buy Life & Style also.
  8. I love star and US weekly! I also like reading about real everyday people from...People.
  9. I like Us Weekly and Life & Style. They're so fun to read!
  10. Ditto!;):yes:
  11. I have a subscription to USWeekly (have had for about 5 years)...I usually pick up In Touch if the cover is sightly different than USWeekly's...otherwise I find both mags have the same pics each week.
  12. People Magazine.
  13. I have only read Us Weekly and Life & Style, and they were both entertaining. I don't know if all the stories they report are accurate, but I am just looking for a diversion. I also like the fashion features of Life & Style.
  14. US Weekly.
  15. I am in the UK :smile:
    Our best sellers are OK magazine and Heat Magazine, they are both weeklys.
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