What's your favorite casual date LV bag?

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  1. I am lacking a going out bag. I have the Galliera but I feel it's way to big and bulky for the rare date night that my husband and I go on. We usually keep it casual. A not too fancy place for dinner and a movie.

    I'm interested to hear what LV bag you think is best for this kind of an outing.
  2. I use my mono speedy 25.
  3. eva! or i use speedy 25
  4. Damier Ebene Pochette :biggrin:
  5. I actually like the wilshire blvd as a date night bag!! It adds some fun and color to a casual outfit.. not too big not too small!
  6. Eva is a great evening bag.
  7. I would probably choose Eva or Speedy.:smile:
  8. Eva if there's a movie involved...if just dinner I like to take my courtney clutch for the casual stroll..
  9. For a casual date night that involves the movie theater, definitely eva. You don't want to place your bag anywhere near the floor in the theater.
  10. Depending how much I want to carry I would take my mini looping, sunset boulevard, or mini pochette (It suprisingly fits a lot!).
  11. Speedy 30
  12. I agree. Eva or Speedy.
  13. My bleu nuit wilshire works perfect
  14. eva
  15. i actually think galliera is perfect for a casual date...if not, then speedy