What's your favorite Carly?


What is your favorite Carly color?

  1. Khaki Chambray

  2. Khaki Saddle

  3. Khaki Chocolate

  4. Khaki Black

  5. Khaki Beet

  6. Other

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  1. I need some advice. I am in the market for a large Carly to use as a school bag and I have some questions:

    1. I'd guess that a signature one would be a little lighter than leather, no? Also the better choice just for weather purposes, right?

    2. I was trying to track down a signature Carly with Chambray trim because I LOVE blue but I've heard of the fading issues plus my dh says that the darker colors (black, chocolate) are more striking. What is your favorite Carly color combo-khaki/chambray, khaki/saddle, khaki/black, khaki/beet, khaki/chocolate?

    3. What color is the lining on a khaki signature Carly or does it change depending on the color combo?

    4. Should I wait until PCE or just suck it up and buy it now? :graucho:

    I'd like something that doesn't clash too much with my other handbags but I'm not sure that is even possible since they are different. I own-black Ali, mineral Chelsea hobo, tobacco Chelsea Abbey, and my current bag Legacy shoulder in Pond. Any and all opinions/suggestions are welcome. Thanks!!
  2. Khaki/gold, and all choco siggy.:drool:, Oh yeah my red leather. shoot, I cant choose just one lol!
  3. I can't choose just one either!!! :nuts: I love mine which is khaki/black because it looks good with ANYTHING. :tup: I also love the khaki/chocolate and the khaki/beet. The khaki/saddle is nice, I don't think you can get it anymore. The khaki/chambray is okay too, but I think your dh is right, and I think the others are a little more classic/timeless. Good Luck, Gotta' love the Carly!!! :okay: Well I guess I will vote khaki/black because that is what I have. :p
  4. I own the khaki/black and let me tell you girly its TDF!!!! I love the black against the khaki sig!! I have it stored away right now. I think I am going to bring it out!
  5. Well of course I'd get one in each color if I could, lol. I've pretty much given up the dream of Khaki Chambray :girlsigh:. I like the black, but I wonder if Chocolate wouldn't match my current bags more. I worry that Khaki/Beet would clash with the other bags I own since I'll be carrying this with another handbag too. Khaki Saddle I would probably need to look for on eBay but that is ok with me too. Aaahhgg, why can't this just be easy? I'm leaning toward Chocolate I think...but then that changes daily!
  6. I like the Saddle, Chocolate, or all over Black. They're the most classic. The gold is really nice too.
  7. Wouldn't that be nice! :p I didn't get that you needed it to match your bags because you will be carrying that too. If it is just for school, have you checked out eBay? You may be able to get a great deal and maybe it is slightly used but if you are using it for school that may be okay? Hmm if it's for school bags I am thinking khaki/saddle or khaki/chocolate. If you are also going to use it as a purse I say khaki/black! :yes:
  8. I say Khaki/Black because I think this is a color combination that goes with everything and can be worn year round. While I think the Khaki/Chambray is beautiful, I think it's more of a warmer weather color bag and I'm also worried about the color fading.
  9. Yes, I'm always scoping ebay but I haven't taken the plunge on one yet. There are some Saddle ones on there now, and also black ones but I haven't found a Chocolate yet :sad:. Guess I have to decide if I should just get one of the others or wait to get the Chocolate. Why am I so indecisive? :confused1:
  10. I picked khaki/chocolate, but really I prefer the all chocolate one! It's the best one IMO:smile:
  11. Believe me, you are not alone! :nogood::s:nogood:
  12. I know! That's too hard to pic just one. Anyway, I voted for the khaki/saddle...even though I'm a proud owner of the khaki/black (which is also lovely). I dunno, that saddle looks so gorgeous against the sig. If I had it to do all over again though, I would get the khaki/bronze:drool:
  13. i love my black carly but i think the best colour is what goes w ur wardrobe. i mean, they r all good! u cant go wrong
  14. I am going to exchange one of my bags tomorrow for a khaki/chocolate Carly....I think unless I see another color that I like.
  15. I'm thinking this is going to be a pretty evenly matched poll result...it's hard to pick just one! haha