Whats Your Favorite Cardio Machine At The Gym?

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  1. I ask because the treadmill SEEMS the most popular, at least at my gym. There is always a line!

    I'm forced to mix it up due to availability, but I usually do mostly the stepmill and treadmill and try to get at least some elliptical in when I can.

    I'm better at things where the machine sets the pace (stairs, treadmills) and all you have to do is keep up. When you have to pedal on your own to keep pace (elliptical, bike), I tend to not perform so well.

    And you?
  2. Treadmill because the rest seems intimidating!
  3. The elliptical is my favorite - the treadmill bores me, have one at home, plus I really prefer to run/walk outside when possible. I try to use my arms a lot when I do the elliptical.
  4. cross trainer or rower...
  5. I enjoy the elliptical the most. I also like to make sure to use my arms as well when on the elliptical.

    I enjoy walking/jogging outside more that way i can take my pups with me.
  6. The rower and ellyptical.
  7. ^I've never tried the rower. Is it a good exercise?
  8. loooooove the arc trainer!!!!
  9. The treadmill, it seems to give me results most quickly.
  10. elliptical is more fun, but the treadmill is an oldie/goodie
  11. I like the crosstrainer... but I'm beginning to like the treadmill :o)
  12. I do the elliptical because I can read magazines, but I don't think I'm working hard enough. Every time I try to go for a run my fitness doesn't seem to translate.
  13. Honestly the Stair master. As a runner I find the climber to really challenge my cardio!

    I do hills ... every 1:20 going up until I can handle no more and then go back down, then up again ... It makes me sweat more than running AND the Elipticle
  14. Elliptical!! Because I can decrease my workout time by hitting "+" on the level!
  15. Elliptical! The treadmill is soooooo boring. I burn way more on the elliptical than the treadmill.