What's your favorite BV?

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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    Hi! I'm fairly new to BV and I did a search but didn't find a thread for this...

    I'd loved to hear what your favorite BV is and why. And, of course, any other details you'd like to add are always good :graucho:. Pics are always great to :drool: over too. Thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  2. My favorite is the cabat.. the size and shape are the best..

    Love the knot because it works with every look and season...

    the shape is divine and the size is perfect.. the colors are always gorgeous

    and recently got the san marco karung which is a satchel shape and very

    interesting detail..

    Personally think BV is a good choice from day into evening.. it all works..

    very understated, unassuming, beautiful quality & detail and you can't go wrong with

  3. Cabat is the BV's icon bag, it's any girl's dream bag, but is TOO TOO expensive, $5000ish.
    I have learned about BV and loved BV. It's the softest leather i can every imagine. it's so uderstatment bag, not screaming designer and super light weight.
    It's a very hard question to answer. Kyung Hwa. I love every single BV i have now.
    Parachute, original ball, campana, bella (no name tote). Of all the BV bags that i own, Campana is probably the best one for me, if there is a size in b/t the large and medium campana i would be i heaven. I probably will have this bag in every color.
    BV's deeskin leather bags are also faboulus, they don't have to be woven, but you can still feel the luxury touch of the leather.
  4. i agree that all my bv's are my favorites. maybe that is because i don't have many styles. i love the cabat and now the maxi veneta and i have two messengers but they are the same style. and i think that's it.
  5. I love all the ones I own. BV's that I don't own but love include the Cabat, the Knot, Milano, Parachute, and Campana (although I owned the Campana and it didn't work for me, I still think it's beautiful).

    My favorite to wear is the large Veneta. I have 3 different colors. The style, appearance, feel of the leather of the Crochet Raffia is my other favorite bag. I only use it on special occasions.

    The two Veneta colors are Truffle and Aurora. I recently bought one in Pourpre (red). The black bag is the Crochet Raffia which came out in 2004, I believe.

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  6. The Cabat and Veneta are the icon bags and my favorite is the large or maxi Veneta. Just so comfortable and hangable and not near as pricey as the Cabat.

  7. enjoy these bags..they are all great:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. I have a couple of faves: The maxi veneta and the cervo hobo. I love that both are big and slouchy. The maxi size veneta makes a statement (it's big, bold, beautiful) but sometimes I prefer the cervo because it's simpler (a little of the intrecciato weave goes a long way for me).


  9. omg, boxermom- the crochet raffia is amazing. is it delicate- is that why only for special occasions? it is a beauty-
  10. The lambskin is so smooth that I worry about scuffs or tears. The finish has a sheen that would show pretty much any wear, I think. As much as she used it, I'd love to see what Jennifer Aniston's crochet raffia looked like after all the wear she gave hers. Mine doesn't go out in bad weather and never sits on the floor. I'm much more casual about the other bags.
  11. i don't blame you at all boxermom the crochet raffia is a very special bag. i too would love to see jennifer aniston's. she is worth all the special care.
  12. My favorite bag style is the pyramid. It is easily carried on the shoulder and the size is just right. I have a medium Veneta and I love it too...but the Pyramid is my fav.
  13. Cervo Hobo is another fav!!
  14. is that the new pyramid or the old?
  15. I too love the cabat and the maxi veneta. The maxi veneta wins as my favorite though because it is just so lush and yummy soft and excellent for travel as well as everyday. Love BV!