What's your favorite bumble & bumble?

  1. Whats your favorite bumble & bumble shampoo & conditioner?
  2. I LOVE the whole Dehydration Therapy set from the Treatment line....it has saved my hair :yes:

    I also use a lot of their styling products for before and after I dry my hair.
  3. I love Thickening Shampoo and Super Rich Conditioner.

    I just came home with Straight smoothing creme tonight and a new hair spray that you can comb through, cant remember the name - I'm excited to try them, I love B&B products.
  4. I love B&B products! My fave shampoo/conditioner is the Thickening. I also like the Thickening spray, Prep and the hairspray in the blue can. Does it all I think is the name...
  5. i love the creme de coco shampoo and conditioner!!! it's perfect for my fine hair that tends to get oily, and it smells so good. i also use their color support system for cool blondes, but the jury's still out on that one.
  6. My fave is the Hair Powder in white for my blonde, fine hair! LOVE it!!!
  7. i like super rich, my hair is really dry
  8. i love the whole B & B line basically............my fav. is the super rich .........and the tonic spray....it literally cuts my blow drying time in half
  9. DAMAGE THERAPY line.....leave in and rinse out conditioner...LOVES!
  10. Super Rich is amazing! It makes my hair feel sooo soft.
  11. uh...all of it! i love and use regularly creme de cocoa shampoo, super rich conditioner (in the biiiig bottles), tonic, and the smoothing cream! so great!
  12. I like super rich and the damage therapy lines. Anything B&B is loooove :smile:
  13. I have fine, thin and oily hair, (thanks dad)......

    I love and highly recommend the gentle shampoo and the super rich conditioner. Also, LOVES the thinkening spray.