What's your favorite Breed of dog?

  1. I've never been in this part of the PF and I didn't see a topic on it, so I thought I'd ask. What dog breed is your favorite? Mine would have to be Great Danes.

    I have 1 Dane, his name is Riley, he's 6 months now, but I haven't taken any pics of him in about a month.

    lol He looks really goofy in this picture.
  2. Ummmm, Boxers. Someday I will learn to post photos and when we adopt our next rescue boxer, I'll put it up. I love large breeds--Great Danes are great. I've never met one that wasn't as gentle as can be.
  3. SHIBA INUS!!!! See my AVATAR for my babies!I have 2 ..Ripley-8 months old and EInstein..almost 11 years old
    Love them both to pieces...
  4. Chihuahuas!
  5. I'd love to have an old english sheepdog
  6. I actually like the combo breed of a german shepherd and a lab. They're very affectionate, bright, loyal, fun dogs. Great combo of traits of two great breeds.
  7. I like Rottweilers and Pharoah Hounds!
  8. i like those white fluffy dogs..go malteseee!!:yes:
  9. cavalier king charles spaniel! you just gotta love that sweet lil face and floppy ears.
  10. miniature schnauzer! (my avatar)
  11. I've actually never had a dog and always wanted one. I want a Great Dane, an Italian Greyhound, or a Siberian Husky. My DH said we're getting a mutt from the pound if we ever get a dog :/
  12. I really :love: most toy dogs. I think maltese are wonderful (my grandma used to have one), yorkies are great (I have one now), and Shih Tzus are good (my mom used to have two). Personally, my favorites would be Maltese and Cockerspaniels (I had one growing up and he was so sweet). Although, never had one, I think toy poodles are so great and cute. :love: lol I guess, I just like toys in general. :love:
  13. Golden retriever , like in my avatar
  14. Pomeranians are my favorite. I currently have two. However, I am a huge animal fan and LOVE most breeds.
  15. I love Chihuahuas. But really I love every dog. I tend to like the smaller breeds for myself as I can't keep up with the energy of a big dog. I'd prolly also get a Great Dane if I went with a big dog and could commit to miles of excercise daily. I think they're lovely.