What's your favorite brand of jeans?

  1. I know that Sevens are not the IT bag of Hollywood anymore, but for me there are no other jeans that fit better...

    What are your favorite brand?
  2. i like my sevens still too, so you're not alone. they are my everyday anytime jeans, though i like citizens too.
  3. At the moment, I'm loving Paige jeans. And I'm planning on buying a lot more :biggrin:
  4. Hmm..I've never tried Paige jeans--I'll have to look for them.

    I like Sevens and Citizens too.
  5. my favs are LEE and James Jeans
  6. Apple Bottoms. For only $60-$80, the price is perfect. Plus, they're the only jeans I ever bought & tried on that fit me PERFECTLY!
  7. Rock & Republic:yes:
  8. still liking my citizens and sevens for now. But I'm liking the rock and republic and true religion too. Definitely want them for next fall.
  9. True Religion and Citizens.. although I love AG (their cords are great too), and I'm getting into Joe's as well...
  10. sevens. i have 10 pairs. :flowers:

    but i also love paige and true religion. :P
  11. True Religions in the joey stretch! I love them! They're the only pair that fit me perfectly!
  12. true religions & paiges! i still buy a lot of 7s though just cuz they fit me so well.
  13. Frankie B's are the only ones that fit me well! I have 3 pairs, and they all have such gorgeous, low-cut fits.

    I also love Rock and Republic but their sizes run really big...
  14. i loooove frankie Bs but i have yet to find a pair that looks good on me... the chain prepster ones look good but i refuse to wear F pockets
  15. Ummm right now I like sevens and christopher blue