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  1. I'm curious, what is your favorite book out of all the books that you've ever read? It can be literary or popular, fiction or non-fiction. Basically any genre. If you can, explain why it's your favorite. Otherwise, you don't have to. I want to see if there's a specific one that reoccurs. Plus, I'll add the titles to my list to read to add to my list of read. :P

    If it's hard to pick one, you can list up to three. ;)
  2. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster (a kids book but it's so freakin adorable and makes me happy!)

    Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

    Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain

    Honorable Mention: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

    And I don't know what category it fits under but the Bible is on my list too!
  3. Twilight
    New Moon
    Breaking Dawn

    by: Stephenie Meyer :woohoo:
  4. "To Kill a Mocking Bird", By Harper Lee
  5. confessions of shopaholic - sophie kinsella
    remember me - sophie kinsella
    & the rest of the shopaholic series!

    obviously i don't go to "deep" when it comes to books! i love funny, girlie, light hearted books .. and sophie kinsella is my fav!! :smile:
  6. i love to kill a mockingbird!! what a classic. ^ ...... my three favorites are Ulysses, Lolita, and The Sun also rises. and Gatsby.
  7. My single most favorite is called Mexican Village by Josephina Niggli. It is a collection of stories about one Mexican Village. The stories are intertwined, and wonderful to read.
  8. I think this has been asked...but...

    Pride and Prejudice
    by Jane Austin...and almost every Austin book.

    I have read it at least 10 -12 times...the dialogue is amazing! I have a very old paperback (lol..the price on the paperback is .35 cents, that's how old it is) I keep in it in glove compartment, so if I get stuck somewhere I can pull it out and read a chapter or two...anywhere in the book...and be entertained.
  9. I really loved "The Fountainhead." I don't really believe in Ayn Rand's philosphy, but she was a good writer and it's just a good story. I remember getting swept up in that book and what would happen next.

    Other books that were very engrossing:

    -To Kill A Mockingbird
    -Lonesome Dove
    -The Handmaid's Tale
    -War and Peace (It took awhile to get into, but once you get into it it's SO good)

    I plan on reading Jane Austen when it comes in the mail from Amazon. I ordered three of her books. I can't believe I haven't read any of her books yet.
  10. I'll give you my top three (though they change every week!)

    -"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde. This is hilarious! I really would laugh out loud when reading this.

    -"The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende. I know everyone says this about every book adaptation for a movie, but there's so much more to the book, it's unbelievable.

    -"The Unbearable Lightness of Being" by Milan Kundera. It just rings very true to many aspects of human relationships.
  11. Twilight & Midnight Sun:heart:
    Asterix :upsidedown:
    The Witching Hour:sneaky:
    Queen of the Damned:supacool:
  12. The great gatsby!
  13. to kill a mockingbird, def!

    the kite runner

    the book thief

    and it's a bit tough to get into at first, but the STORY- atonement, ian mcewan

    interview with a vampire

    and twilight. holla! :supacool:
  14. Classics are Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary and contemporary choice is The Other Side of You by Salley Vickers - love them all, they are like 'comfort reading' for me. So hard to choose though - I read three novels minimum every week!
  15. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani

    Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett