What's your favorite blush of ALL TIME?

  1. I have so many it would take an hour to post. These days i'm loving my blushes by:

    Shu Uemura - especially red 19d

    nars - torrid


    l'oreal's front page peach

    What blushes do you use?

    Do you have a summer vs. winter blush favorite?

    Do you use different blushes for different looks; i.e. flushed, vs. bronzed vs. natural?
  2. benefit dandelion. it's my year round all occaisions blush. :love:
  3. I like Bare Escentuals "Laughter".
  4. NARS Angelika
  5. NARS orgasm
  6. i use a bronzer/blush thing by mac - its called like mineral skinfinish or something....i LOVE it
  7. Bare Escentuals - Joyous Jennifer
  8. Chanel- Mocha
    Estee Lauder- Blush Petals
    Nars- Orgasm
  9. All year round - nars orgasm

    Summer - clinique bronzing blush
  10. Same here.
  11. Mac Sheer something or other in Celebrity Pink or something like that. It's super-bright but super-sheer and works great for my fair skin. But I don't usually wear blush during the summer, I wear bronzer, I have some Prescriptives bronzer that I'm 100% addicted to.
  12. I have a couple different I love.

    For a really natural blushed look I use -- Fancy Ray Blushcreme by MAC

    Natural glowy blushed look -- Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC

    Glowy look -- Lune Blushcreme (HTH LE) by MAC

    Bronzed glow -- Golden bronzer by MAC

    Bronzed look with highlight -- Medium Matte bronzer by Cargo & Lune to highlight.

    hahaha I have different looks for different moods.

    One I dont have but love is Orgasm by Nars. My sister uses it, I like telling people she has "Orgasm" all over her face x__x
  13. Chanel Rose Bronze (Mirage)
  14. I like Bare Escentuals Thistle.