What's Your Favorite Bag With Studs??pics Please!

  1. I was never a studded handbag person but lately my eye is attracted to them. Does anyone have a favorite? Please post pics if possible!
  2. Why, the Kooba Jillian, of course!!!
  3. 2 questions: is it heavy and does it go on your shoulder? It reallly is gorgeous!
  4. Yes, You can wear it on your shoulder, although I would most definitely carry it like a satchel or in the crook of my arm. And it would fit snugly under your arm, too. It is not heavy to the point where you would get tired of carrying it around, but it is a substantial leather bag. I wouldn't classify it as a featherweight light bag. I don't like heavy, but this will do nicely, as the feel of the leather is supple and the studs are burnished brass and not some cheap gold-ish metal. Check the Kooba website. It is $595 IRL at Saks.
  5. Oh, I love my Bulga studded hobo!

    This is the only pic I have of it at the moment (Bbag wallet is being a camera hog :shame:smile: but let me know if you want more and I'll take them! :yes:

  6. Thank you but while I like the stud work, I'm not thrilled with the bottom corners...
  7. ^^k, just sharing what I had in my collection :yes:

    Good luck with your search!
  8. I really appreciate your help!
  9. I have this Botkier, am yet to use it. It's a little small for me for everyday use, but I bought it as one of my "ladies-who-lunch" bags. Except I'm not a lady who lunch. :crybaby: Anyway, I love the bag, I just need a chance to wear it.
  10. Again, another vote for the Kooba Jillian, this time in black.

    Biker chick chic.
    jillian at kooba site.jpg
  11. Here's my fave. It's Isabella Fiore's Whipflash Audra. It comes in quite a few colors (black, brown, whiskey, pewter, white...). It's generously sized, looks great when it hangs on your shoulder all slouchy, and the leather is really durable. There are the same number of studs on the back as the front.

    Isabella Fiore Whipflash Audra
  12. Michael Kors Astor Satchel
  13. My only suggestion would be for that Bulga you already mentioned you didn't like. I just ordered it in the teal color and it should arrive on Tuesday! :yahoo: