Whats your FAVORITE bag under $50? PICTURES PLEASEE =)

  1. I know we all love expensive designer bags, but of course we didn't all start out that way. I want to know what is your favorite bag that was under $50! It can be something ANYTHING! :tup:

    My current favorite is a red patent leather tote by Worthington. It was originally $49 but I snagged it on sale for $17!! =D Its absolutely amazing with a middle zipper compartment and two side ones... It fits my notebooks and books that I need for class and work! I originally wanted to get the white one but there was only one left and it already had alot of scratches and scuffs on it. I have no regrets getting the red!! :heart:


  2. wow!!! What a deal!! ^gorgeous!! I really dont have a favorite under $50...If I buy something under $50 it is usually pleather and strictly a "throw around bag"
  3. I don't have any pictures, sorry. But my fave is a purple shoulder bag from forever21 for $19.
  4. Anybody else? =) I'd love to see hehe
  5. I have a couple for you. ;)
    A red no-name purchased for about $20 (don't remember where) and a black SR Squared by Sondra Roberts I got for $39 at Steinmart.


  6. I got this first one at Ross for $20. It's a leather Aurielle bag. I love it! The leather is very soft.


    This one is also a Ross find. I think it was around $13, for sure no more than $15. It's a Lauren by Ralph Lauren bag. I love it too and wear it frequently. It's nylon. They had a few more patterns, and I may be another tote or two since I like them so much. Despite their small size they hold quite a bit!

  7. Ooooooooooo beautiful bags ladies! Sometimes you get more compliments on those than the expensive ones; I've learned.
  8. I love the Worthington Red Patent!! Wow, you got an amazing deal. It goes to show that there are wonderful ahndbags in all price ranges, the secret is seeking them out.
  9. This is a great thread. Some of the bags pictured look like they could cost way more.
  10. I got this at H&M on sale for about $15 (sorry for the poor photo!)

  11. Absolutely! I get at least one compliment on that red one every time I use it. I can't say that about some of my more expensive bags.
  12. I NEED this bag lol ! Please tell me where I can get one, thanks !
  13. I just did a quick search and found it online at JC Penny for $24.99. :tup: I may have to get one myself! :yahoo:
  14. this is a cute thread! i would have to pick my anya hindmarch "i'm not a plastic bag" :smile:
  15. mine is a black satchel by akdmks..i got it on eBay for 30 and i can't find a pic, but i'll post if i do!