What's your favorite Antigua color?


What's your fave Antigua color?

  1. beige/ red

  2. red/ purple

  3. white/ brown

  4. pink/ red

  5. brown/ olive

  6. blue/ navy

  7. white/ navy stripe

  8. LV Cup (brown/ off-white)

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  1. Just curious- I still love the beige/red, followed closely by the white/ navy stripe :yes:
  2. the new striped one...
    I wish they made something more man friendlly though all of the styles are verry femenim...
  3. hot pink lol, but I also like the navy/white strippy colour :biggrin:
  4. Well, my favorite colors are pink and red so it's hard for me to not pick that one. But, my favorite is the new white/navy stripe. It's so cute!
  5. Mine's blue/navy
  6. Pink
  7. The new navy striped!!
  8. mee too:nuts: ;)
  9. The brown with the olive strap. It sounds gross but IRL its TDF. The way the gold l'inventeur works with the other colours is amazing.
  10. oh no you're making me choose that is so cruel I like most of them. OK fav Ecru with brown strap,

    I'm the only one who like that combo (so far)
  11. I absolutely love the new stripe coming out, I am definitely intent on getting the MM if my trip to Hawaii goes through!
  12. my favorite is the blue/navy. :biggrin:
  13. white/ brown
  14. I like the Navy Stripe!!! SOOO cute!
  15. lv cup!