What's Your Favorite Animal Charity?

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  1. I am always giving here and there to animal charities yes more than people charities. My friend runs a street kitty rescue so now most of my charity money goes to her organization. When I sell on ebay a lot of my profits go to an animal charity. One in particular was a shelter for blind cats! Oh it broke my heart but at least there was a place for these kitties that would otherwise be killed. I also do an annual contribution to the ASPCA.
  2. I have given to ASPCA and the Anti-Cruelty Society. Mostly I now contribute to the Boxer rescue groups in the Carolinas.

    Has anyone signed up on IGive.com? They have hundreds of online companies that will donate a %-age of your purchases to a charity you designate. Many animal charities (as well as lots of others) are available to choose. In the 2 years since I signed up, the donations have totaled over $300. My donations go to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. The percentage varies from company to company.
  3. The ASPCA and a local rescue group here in MD. It's the group where we got one of our doggies a few years ago.
  4. ASPCA and I try to volunteer at local shelters. I would love to work for the ASPCA one day..
  5. When I can afford it, I'd like to start contributing to either IFAW, The Toronto Humane Society or the OSPCA.
  6. Just remembered that when we lived in Illinois, there was a well-known horse charity that I donated to regularly--the Hooved Animal Humane Society. They used to get big stars to appear for the fund-raisers. They had authority to confiscate horses that were seriously neglected and charges would be filed against the owners.
  7. I've been using Igive.com for a few years now. Currently my main animal charity is the PSPCA, but I go to other doggie fundraising events too.
  8. MSPCA, used to give to PETA...no more.
  9. Good for you!:tup:
  10. CorgiAid is my animal charity... I have helped them with fundraising auctions over the years. I'm so proud to say that CorgiAid was selected this year's breed charity group by Pedigree dog food.

    Here is a link to CorgiAid, they list profiles of all the corgis they have helped rescue each year, some of their stories are heart breaking, all are inspiring:

  11. I give money, tangible goods and time (volunteering) to the Humane Society and I donate monthly to WWF. I also donate to a local no kill shelter called 4 Paws.
  12. I like them all, of course they are all for good causes. I help at cats Protection League ( UK ). The members are all cat lovers, I love spending time with them.