What's your favorite Accessory?

  1. I know we are always asking and saying what are favorite bags are but what about accessories?! My favorite accessory is the coin purse but ask me after Sept. because I will be getting 3 Mskeups and might be converted.:graucho:
  2. Me too! I love my VG coin. I use it to carry my pocket digital. I'm getting a toilet soon and a make-up too. Yeah!!!! I love accessories. :nuts:

  3. cracker, I know you are getting a FB toilet but what color Makeup are you getting? Maybe VG?:graucho:

  4. So cute Cracker! I just ordered a aqua money wallet that should be here on Thursday. I sold my other accessories. I see myself w/ more coin purses in the future. They are so super cute. They look like baby bbags!
  5. You may be right!:wlae:
  6. :yahoo:YEAH, you FINALLY found one!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. Thanks Shasta! Your wallet's going to be gorgeous. I love the coins.......they're super soft and so functional. I can come up with many reasons to buy more!;)
  8. I think my vote goes to the coin purse too. They're just super cute and the most useful accessory for me. I love my new wallet and my Makeup, but the coin puse fits in all my bags and seems more special, somehow. I'd love to get one in a brighter colour (Grape?).
  9. For me:
    1- Mini Coin Purse
    2- Make up clutch

  10. Cracker, I beg you to not post photos of the make-up, and especially the FB toilet, when you receive them. I never had any interest in the courier until you posted the photo of your ink, and now I seriously, utterly, have to have one. Your photos ruin my resolve! :rolleyes:
  11. Oops, forgot to contribute my 2 cents - I think my favorite accessory is the Ghost - just too adorable.
  12. :roflmfao: OMG, that is so funny. I'm sorry, really I am.:smile:
  13. That's true - I forgot about the Ghost. I don't have one and probably never will, but they are super-cute.
  14. The makeup :heart:
    Super handy inside bags, and adorable as a clutch on their own.
  15. I can't have enough from coin purses and porte monnaies :nuts:- I use them for all the different little things wearing in my daily bag: make-up's, iPod, cards and papers and of course cash money :yes:

    this is my current collection - will get a coin purse in '04 marigold and a porte monnaie in '05 white soon :yahoo: