Whats your favor LV wallet???

  1. i just bought my very first LV wallet, LOVE LOVE IT!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Kinda curious about what lv wallet you guys are using???:P

    i'll take more pics later, here is the wallet with my bbag~:love:
  2. I really like the Business Card Holder.
  3. I love the one you just bought, just be careful with the leather trim (mine got dirty, I have the white MC). I'm currently using the suhali zipped compact - still getting used to it...
  4. My favorite is the Porte-Tresor International.:heart:
  5. I use the MC mini address book for my wallet, white for summer, black for winter.
  6. Definately the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois
  7. OT, but I adore your Balenciaga :love:
  8. My faves are mono pochette wallet and the epi FP.:love:
    wallet.JPG pict26191gt.jpg
  9. Monogram Porte Monnaie. It's long, and it's roomy!
  10. I've got the mono pochette and I just LOVE it....I can fit so much in it and it stays nice and slim and doesn't get fat and mishapen. :yes:
  11. I have a Monogram Porte-Tesor International and I adore it. I used to have it in MC also, but sold it because the vachetta on the sides drove me nuts. They would get dirty so easily! I still love the MC wallets though ... or anything MC really.
  12. Ditto for me ! I :heart: mine !
  13. ohhh~~i love your epi fp~!!!!:love: yummy color~!!
  14. Congrats on your new wallet!!!!!!! Enjoy!!:smile:

    I use the mono ludlow. Looking into a new one, but (kinda have to wait awhile...) ...but the vernis french purse in fuchsia is a definite contender (to go with my baggy gm), or the porte tresor international in mono/MC...not sure which.
  15. Right now I'm using a MC cles and a mono cles clipped together. I think I'll be buying either the koala or the french wallet in white MC eventually, just have to work up the courage !