What's your fave?

  1. For me, I"m all about Speedies, Key Rings, Cles & Bandeaus. :tup:
    My collection currently has 8 Speedies, 7 Key Rings, 3 Cles & 6 Bandeaus plus a couple other things..
  2. I loooove speedys as well and anything limited ed catches my eyes too.
  3. 8 speedies?! You're my hero...heehee...I'm all about speedys too, I have 5 but def want MORE!!!
  4. You'll get to 8, I was at 5 for a while and the last 3 I've bought within the past month and a half or so.. :sweatdrop: But yea, I :heart: Speedies! I'm definitely a hand held bag girl vs. shoulder bag girl. :yes:
  5. The speedy is my favorite shape too!!!
  6. If accessories count, Inclusion will be my Fav~:heart: I also collect Cles to tie that 'crave' when new line comes out ^_<
  7. Speedy! And Noe. And Mezzo. hehe.
  8. accessories definitely count.. I find that lately, I'm buying more accessories than bags..
  9. Cles & Inclusions! :biggrin:
  10. I love anything in MC.
  11. Haha me too! But it sure adds up fast, 3 or 4 of the accessories can get something cute bags in Mono! Eeek!:sweatdrop:
  12. ^yea, I know!!! Sometimes I'm like, "I could've gotten a bag instead" but then I look at the accessories and they are adorable!
  13. i :heart: :heart: :heart: anything in vernis, esp. Pomme d'Amour & Amarante. I only have a few things now but i'm trying to get some more. :smile:

    and i'm a sucker for accessories & small things too. my latest acquisition is the MC fleurs keyring. As I'm fairly new to LV, I still can't believe i spent over $200 ON A KEYCHAIN, but whatever..i wanted it for so long and i think it's the cutest keyring ever. :love:
  14. ^:huh:oh, I don't have the fluers key ring but I do :heart: it!!
  15. I am a sucker for Vernis items and Denim Items. In vernis I have: Bronze Reade, Pomme Rox, Pomme French Purse, Pome Cles, Framboise Agenda, Amarante Rosewood, Amarante Koala Wallet...Denim I have Blue Baggy PM, Black Neo Cabby MM, Fuschia Neo Speedy.