what's your fave?

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  1. what's your favourite way to wear a bag? or what is your favourite style for a bag?

    do you wear it like most celebs: the inside of your elbow.

    or do you wear it on your shoulder?

    or do you carry it like a doctor's bag?

    i know these questions also depend on what kind of bag it is, but if it's like the balenciaga, or the paddington, you can carry the bag all three ways.

    i try wearing my bags on my shoulders if i could, but they always seem to fall off... is that just me? i would hate to blame the 1500 dollar bag... lol.

    so most of the time i wear my bags on the inside of my elbow, and then when my arm starts losing circulation i switch to the shoulder, then when it starts slipping off, i go back to the inside of my elbow.

    anyone else out there with this problem? it's really annoying that it slips off my shoulder, any tips on how to solve that problem without looking like my shoulders are on a permanent incline?
  2. i have the same problem.....that's part of the reason i've tried to stop buying shoulder bags i can't stand the constant annoyance of having it slip off every few seconds or every time i move.....the only way i've found to make them stay up is if i'm wearing a top that has buttons or some sort of detailing on the shoudler i hook it over that but not a real solution....and so i usually end up just carrying my bags in the crook of my harm.....until i get an arm crap and then it goes to the boyfriend (who cannot be trusted to carry nice bags :Push:smile: so it ends up coming right back to me.....
  3. I like to carry bags on my shoulders, it frees up my hands when I go shopping :biggrin: I like handbags too though.
  4. i carry them on my shoulder. but when i'm for example in a store and browse through the stuff i usually carry them on the inside of my elbow, otherwise it'll keep sliding off.
  5. I actually like cross-body bags best. I recently bought a really pretty pewter one - looks kind of like an Allison Burns 'Faithful' bag, but with a longer strap. It's really light, and keeps my hands free for carrying shopping, books etc.
  6. It depends on the bag for me. Sometimes it's more comfortable on my shoulder, other times in the crook of my elbow or handheld.
  7. i like shoulder bags with one strap the best - in my experience, it's the ones with two straps that are always falling off. in my opinion, bags carried in the crook of the elbow are most stylish, i just don't have the patience for them a lot of the time.
  8. I prefer the shoulder bags, even if I do have really slanty shoulders and they slip off ! Something about handheld, or crook of the elbow bags don't really hold that same appeal for me.

    And as Noriko said, shoulder bags free up your hands for shopping.. so you can use both hands to grab those sale items. ;)
  9. I always carry my bags in my inner elbow, like the celebs as you said. Except for the ones that ofcourse cant be carried that way, like some of my chanel's and a few LV's.
  10. I've purchase "tote" bags lately, so I guess I tend to either hold them by hand or elbow.
  11. Handbag or shoulder.........i prefer the handbag , but they get in the way when shopping so i end up taking a shoulder bag .......or wristlet lately
  12. I have a two-year-old, so it has to be on my shoulder. I don't even look at bags without shoulder straps.
  13. Last year it was all about shoulder bags for me, but I find you cant show off your bag as much as it's hidden, which is such a shame!
    Now, its ALL about handbags for me. (but the balenciaga shoulder strap is heaven sent and a carry it with me so when my arm goes numb i snap it on!)
  14. I either carry bags on the inside of my elbow or on my shoulder. I always make sure that my bags can fit on my shoulder, and have handles for the option of wearing each. I think the Chloe Paddington w/ shoulder strap is a good compromise and the Balenciaga First, which have all possibilities.
  15. you are totally right, the two straps always fall off, if it's one, not so bad.