What's your fave type of food to eat?

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  1. What's your fave type of food to eat?

    Love Mexican food!!!! My city is known for their resturants and we have lots of authentic Mexican places here...

    Now I'm so craving it and its only 8:46am :drool:
  2. I love Mexican!! I could eat tacos every day.

    I also love Vietnamese and Korean food, YUM!
  3. Indian and Thai.
  4. Japanese and Thai.
  5. Sushi and indian
  6. Southern American and Mexican! I am craving a fried green tomato BLT :drool:
  7. Italian!
  8. Thai, Italian, Vietnamese. and uh..pizza! (specifically)
  9. ooooo.
    I forgot Japanese, Sushi, Greek, Sea food and Persian!!!
    I love it all.
  10. Down home southern cookin' for me!!!
  11. Indian and sushi.
  12. japanese food :smile:
  13. Mexican, Italian, Chinese

    You just made soooooooooooooo hungry for some Mexi food!!
  14. I love all kinds of food. but most of all its gotta be Mexican.
  15. Pacific Rim Cuisine