Whats your fave Chloe? Has the recent surge in Quilted Bays meant a new front runner?


Whats ur Fave Chloe?

  1. The Perfect Paddy

  2. The Beautiful Bay

  3. The Beloved Betty

  4. The Elegant Edith

  5. The Stylish Silverado

  6. The Heavenly Heloise

  7. Something else all together

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So ladies, is it still the Paddy or has the Bay overtaken as the Queen of Chloes?:shrugs: I know a similar Poll was done before but I just wondered if there has been a change since the recent influx of bays? :yes:

    So is it The Perfect Paddy? The Beautiful Bay? The Beloved Betty? The Stylish Silverado? The Elegant Edith? The Heavenly Heloise? Or something else entirely? :yahoo:

    I hope this works as I've never done a poll before? :confused1:
  2. I did this poll a long time ago and Paddy was the winner then.....i'll be interested to see the results on this new poll :graucho:

    For me it's the Silverado, especially in python :love:........closely followed by the Paddy and Betty. I love the Bay as well but for me the old "Phoebe" Chloes still have the edge :yes:
  3. I'm going to go with Betty. As much as I love my Paddys, Betty just has the edge, especially the ring versions. I'm dying for a patent one!
  4. Interesting.. I've never seen the silverado IRL, but it doesnt look so stylish in photographs... Is it easier to rummage into than the paddy? I am quite dissapointed by the regular:tdown:, i thought it'd be easier to handle... Is the Silverado lighter than other Chloes? Doesnt it look a bit Western-ish?:confused1:
  5. I think you all know what I'll be voting for....;)
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  6. This is a hard one to answer for me, as my bag mood changes daily. My obsession started with Betty, (still a fav), I love the casual ease of Edith, it is a great staple handbag. My Silverado gets lots of compliments, but I tend not to carry it as much, I think it's the 'western' look that makes it hard for me to fit it into much of my wardrobe--although, from time to time, I am in my Silverado 'mood'. My Black Bay has a very user friendly aspect, as well as being chic, and is one of my current fav's.......but overall, I think my current (today) favorite is my Patent Dome Paddy satchel in whiskey.

    This is just to hard---to pick one Chloe!!

  7. You and I are of kindred spirit^^^
  8. Paddingtons rule:heart:
  9. Ahhh Maria, I just love this bag so much. I actually think it is my favourite bag of all time :love:

    It is so light and so easy to use in comparison to the Paddy (which looks great but weighs a ton and is quite cumbersome to get in and out of :yes:).

    Look at this baby.....:heart:

  10. ^^^^You KILL ME EVERYTIME you post this pic!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It is gorgeous:yes:... you are right... i will add it to my wish list (from June onwards;)...)

  12. Has to be the Elvire for me. I like that it isn't as obvious or popular as the Paddy or Bay.
  13. The Edith right???? :p

  14. Well, after reading this and letting it sink in, thinking about it, debating, leaving the room, coming back and re-reading...I have decided that you must be trying to TORTURE me by asking this question!!! :girlsigh:

    I love:love: them all dearly for different reasons/occasions/outfits. Please, please, please don't make me choose!!!
  15. And here is the reason why Paddy, Betty and Bay are my other favs.......:love:

    And an Edith for all you Edith lovers too :tup:

    Sorry, getting carried away with posting pics.....but at least I'm showing all styles so I'm not too one-sided to my Silverado eh?! :shame: