What's your fave celeb endorsement?


What's your fave celeb endorsement?

  1. Catherine Zeta Jones for T-Mobile

  2. Sarah Jessica Parker for Gap

  3. Black Eyed Peas for Best Buy

  4. Kirstie Alley for Pier 1, Jenny Craig

  5. Lindsay Lohan for Dooney & Bourke

  6. J. Lo, Uma Thurman, or Hayden Christiansen for LV

  7. Britney Spears for Pepsi

  8. Demi Moore, Halle Berry or Madonna for Versace

  9. Other

  10. Anna Nicole for TrimSpa

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  1. I know it's kinda random, and the choices are limited, but I thought i'd be fun :nuts: (okay, the last choice was a joke :lol: )
  2. Anything Vuitton.. of course ! :graucho:
  3. I went for vuitton for the fact that i like their styles of add and are so classy, but i also liek the versace ads, Kirsty alley for Jenny craig cos they are sooo funny lol and i loved britney when she did pepsi! those were cool ads lol (and boyonces ones aswell)
  4. I loved the LV ads. :love:
  5. I had to pick Sarah JP for Gap because I adore her and Madonna also did a Gap ad with Missy Elliott " Get into the Groove". Second choice LV of course!
  6. I love the LV ads, but Halle looks real FAB in those Versace ads too!
  7. I absoultely love SJP and think she's super cute in the Gap ads.
  8. my fave celebrity endorsements is any brand endorsed by kate moss :P

  9. Funny, I couldn't stand her when she first started modelling, but I love her now.

    I also love Catherine Zeta Jones, but I am biased--people say I resemble her (or at least they were saying this a couple of years ago) :graucho:
  10. Hayden Christensen for LV! :love: :heart: :heart:
  11. I voted "other". One of my faves endoresements is David Beckham for Pepsi!:nuts:
  12. I loved Uma for LV, partially because I loved every bag she was pictured with!
  13. I purposely excluded models who endorse things for a living- the list would've exploded! :nuts:
  14. I voted for the LV ads(loved Uma in them), but it was a tie between the Versace and LV ads.
  15. Nicole kidman for chanel no 5