Whats your fave bag under $400 right now?

  1. If you just wanted to spend around $400 on a hot bag for the spring, what would you get?
  2. One of the Botkier's on sale :smile:

    If not...probably a coach bag. Maybe even Marc by MJ or Kors by MK.
  3. Definintely Marc By Marc Jacobs...bought One Recently For My Daughter...great Value For The $$$.
  4. The Heart coin purse! :heart:!
  5. Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in plum, or...

    my navy Bulga crescent satchel.
  6. The Tano Boogie Bucket is coming out in great colours for spring. It is $200. Also Hayden Harnett, on a sale, has some great bags.
  7. I'm a big fan of cute bag. So my choice goes for Juicy couture.
  8. Botkier and Kooba... on sale!

  9. I love that bag!
    thank you
  10. This Juicy Baby Fluff bag is lovely. It's available in dark beige, lavender, and black (with silver hardwares). The leather is strong yet very soft. It's available at Nordstrom for $260.

  12. the salavtore ferragamo fiera nylon shoulder bag I stupidly sold!!
  13. LV Sophie hands down.