What's your fave bag for casual nights out?

  1. I'm in the market for a new bag...being out last night made me realize that I don't even have a simple black shoulder bag for hitting the bar with friends. I usually carry clutches or one of my larger bags, but I'm in the mood to add a staple to my collection :yes:

    I'm thinking about the size of a CHANEL medium flap...any thoughts?
  2. MY favorite bag for casual nights out is my LAMB Rasta Carlisle. It is a clutch but if i get super drunk/or bothered by the clutch it fold out into a tote that I can my hand threw.
  3. I always use a bag with a shoulder strap for nights out. That way, I can carry a drink (or two) without worrying about carrying my bag. Lately, I've been using a black Gucci Newton bag that I bought several years ago. It's small enough to not get in the way while walking through crowds. I never carry brand new bags out with me because someone ALWAYS spills a martini on me if I'm carrying/wearing something brand new and fabulous!
  4. thanks for the tips! I really should just hit the mall and see what grabs me :p