What's your fav shoe color?

  1. Ok, admit it everyone. We all know we have 10 pairs of shoes in our same favorite color. Mine preference is red, can't get enough of it! What's yours?
  2. black. I always buy more black shoes. same with clothing too.
  3. ditto!:graucho:
  4. I like black too b/c it goes with everything but I also love pink & blue.
  5. I love the whole brown/camel/natural/tan spectrum. I love how these colors are very neutral and always go with what I wear.
  6. Black :smile: my favorite color ^^
  7. White although its hard to keep clean.
  8. I like pink and black too.

  9. I love red shoes too! My absolute favorite color. :heart: Just out of curiosity j'aime_Vuitton, are you an Aries?
  10. Black
  11. I also love multicolored shoes.... Fun shoes with fabrics or colored leathers or animal prints (some animal prints).
  12. I'm pices. What about you? Are you into astrology too? I am.
  13. black for me. I think I own over 15 pairs of black, wedges, pumps, boots ect.

  14. LOL ...That's funny because I was going to actually ask if you were an Aries, Leo or Pisces....lol...but just went with Aries only. I figured you were one of those. I am an Aries! :p

    I'm into astrology a little. I want to study it more.....I think it's quite interesting and definitely want to know more.
    For some reason I can always point out an Aries, Pisces or Leo....lol. There is definitely some connection there....weird.
  15. There is a connection with those three signs ineed.:yes: Almost everyone in my life consists of those 3 signs.