What's your fav nail polish color with open toe CL's?

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  1. To give me an idea for my pedi tomorrow! ;)
  2. My polish depends on my mood. Sometimes I wear loud colors, sometimes french manicure, sometimes all nude. I am wearing Confectionery (my absolute fav nude color) by MAC now.

    I was thinking about starting a thread to see how the ladies take care of their feet (like avoiding corns, calluses, how often they get pedi's etc.), but I didn't know if were CL related. But, since you started this one, I can ride this until/if they move it.
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    Of course it depends of the shoes and their color.. or design.. But Chanel Black Satin / Chanel Fire are and must be references. Black and red. Red is timeless. I'm afraid this will be moved to the beauty bar forum maybe ..
  4. My absolute fav is Chanel "Fire". It is the polish that inspired Mr. CL to do the red soles. OPI "Keys to my Karma" is a very close second.
  5. Ah I hope they don't move it. I thought I read OPI big apple was the closest colore to CL's red sole.
  6. I love mixing it up a bit. My current faves are:

    OPI - Mr's O'Leary's BBQ, You Don't Know Jacques, Light My Sapphire
    CND - Smoochie
    Chanel - Rouge Noir
  7. I love to go with red polishes. I the one I like is OPI Big Apple Red.
  8. Vodkaine, yes yes, Chanel black satin all the way!!! I also tend to like plum colors..like a dark reddish-purple..
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    Polish is like second nature to me. I own TONS of nail polish! My shoe collection ain't got nothing on my polish collection!

    My fav brands are Opi, Chanel, C. Glaze, and Nubar for their Mood Changing colors.

    Honestly, I never wear polish to match my shoes and I don't have a favorite because they are all my favorite.

    Colors I find myself using more

    Opi "big apple red"
    Opi "smitten with mittens"
    Chanel "black satin"
    Nubar "feeling sexy tonight" mood change
    China Glaze diamonds
    Nubar "please not my period" <~ I know, sounds nasty but isn't a period color! Lmao
    Chanel Fire
    Chanel nior
    Gosh there are just so many to name! I just recently purchased the Opi "Alice in Wonderland" collection. Omg! The colors are so beautiful!
  10. I only have the 1 Black CL VP's... but I wear China glaze.. Lubu heels or Ruby pumps
    ...oh and sometimes I wear their white nail polish can't remember the name of it right now!
  11. I've never tried a white polish with my CLs. I can't even remember having my nails covered entirely w ith white polish. I usually just use it to touch up my French manicure. Now I'll have to try it!
  12. My favourite is Estée Lauder's Red Hot, a perfect match to the red soles. I also like Chanel's Rose Satin with my nude Altadamas and Dior's Gold Nugget with my oxblood glitter VPs. I just bought Chanel's Vendetta (a deep blackish purple) and I bet it will look great with all of my black CLs.
  13. I change my color with my mood, lately I have really been feeling nude colors, I don't know what it is. My favorite nude right now is OPI Tickle My France-y.

    I always love OPI I Only Drink Champagne and the one color I always seem to go back to is OPI Flashbulb Fushsia.

    I usually give myself a fresh pedi the night before I plan on wearing CL's because they are such attention-grabbing shoes and then I get a professional pedi every few months.