Whats your fav. LV purse/wallet? Needing some recs :) Tia

  1. Thanksssss! :smile: Oh and how can I get an invite into the buyers/sellers forum? I am interested in buying :smile:
  2. I wondered that too?
    I'd like to buy some LV and Chanel :graucho:
    I email Vlad - but never hear back
  3. my fave lv wallet is a MC PTI. never liked the traditional monogram :p
  4. I love my monogram PTI wallet. My favorite bag is my leather Onatah GM which I have carried every day since I got it. My second favorite is my Batignolles Horizontal.
  5. My fave wallets are the French Purse and the Zippy. My fave purse - oh, you can't possibly make me decide! :lol:
  6. my only wallet is the zippy groom organzier and i adore it. argh- i can't pic a fave bag. the bh or damier speedy 30.
  7. i love the French Purse and Koala wallet. but i can't really justify paying more than $600 for a wallet, even though my own Fendi wallet cost $520, which was teeth-grinding enough :lol:
  8. Zipped wallet with ID paper holder for me! It holds everything I need (I even overstuff it!) and will last forever.