WHAT'S YOUR FAV L'OREAL LIPGLOSS/stick - bogof at cvs this week.

  1. Since these are BOGOF - I thought i'd check them out. I'd love any recommendations that anyone would have! :flowers:
  2. REALLY? No one has any l'oreal lip products that they like?
  3. the HIP line is rich in pigment and long lasting but can be a bit drying. Color juice is the same as Juicy Tubes. I love both of those lines. I usually get berry colors.
  4. I LOVE L'Oreal Color Juice glosses!!! Strawberry Smoothie is my favorite shade,then there's another one I like that's clear with gold glitter. It looks great layered over other colors or just by itself.
  5. Isn't L'Oreal on the list of Lipsticks that contain lead in them? Along with Christian Dior and (I believe) Maybelene?
  6. walgreens has them bogof this week. i like butterscotch.
  7. Yeah, but it was just lipstick and it was just the vibrant red shades...
  8. So are L'Oreal lipglosses safe then?
  9. ^ Yeah, I think so. I've used mine almost everyday for a couple years and I'm still alive :shrugs:

    The news report said it would only be a problem if you wear one of the lipsticks on the list and reapply it several times a day. All the ones on the list were creamy lipsticks in bright red colors. I think it has to do with the red dye they use. The lipglosses are probably safe, but I would stay away from red just to be sure...
  10. :roflmfao:
    Don't be fooled, you might drop down dead any second!
    Just kidding!

    I love the gold glittery juice glosses, they are so cute.

  11. ^^OOoo, I like the sound of that - I may have to try something other than my standard hot pink!
  12. My rec would be the L'Oreal Color of Hope collection stuff. I ended up getting the lipstick, gloss (the silver-based one), eyeshadow quad, blusher, and kohl eye pencil. LOVE this collection since it supports Ovarian Cancer research and the colors are truly universally flattering. The lipstick is sort of a dusty rose, but neutral enough for anyone to wear it--so natural that I even wear these colors to the gym since it looks so subtle on but gives you a nice warm glow. HTH!!