what's your fav L.A.M.B. print and why??


which L.A.M.B. print makes you ga-ga??

  1. saddle: nothing like the classic

  2. Lipstick saddle: back in the saddle w/ sex appeal

  3. rasta: 'cause it's jammin'

  4. shadow: one can never have enough

  5. cheetah: meow! baby!

  6. silver: classy and neutral

  7. white leopard: rarw! in the snow!

  8. checkerboard: looks smart and cool

  9. i prefer the leather styles

  10. im a lamb addict and can never pic just one!

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  1. what's you favorite L.A.M.B. print?? is it a classic color combo? is it wild and crazy? Is it the new twist on an old classic? or are you just hopelessly addicted and gotta have 'em all??
  2. First I was really attached to the Lipstick but lately I've been wanting to try something a bit more experimental and taken a liking to the Leopard print. I'm not really a friend of animal print but the beauty of the Leopard is that it doesn't really look animal print-sy :smile:
  3. i picked lipstick, because it's got the nice neutral classic colors, but the LS makes it pop: something i haven't seen on any other bags...

    *sorry i had to redo this thread 3 times....the poll time limit kept timing out on me!*
  4. Of course I had to pick Rasta!!! Its such a rockin print and goes with so many different colors!
  5. I can't pick just one! It's between saddle, lipstick saddle, and cheetah. I love the rasta and bullseye prints too, but everyone has talked about how high maintenance they are, so I've stayed away.
  6. Are you kidding? My favorite is whatever I'm carrying at the moment! :yes: I love them ALL
  7. Lipstick! The pop of color is so fabulous!

  8. oh darn!:push: i forgot bulleye! i knew i left one out!:hysteric:
  9. I'm a LAMB slut. I could never pick just one. I try to spread my love evenly throughout my little lovelies. ;)
  10. I love the Silver. It was the first print that I bought multiple styles in: Oxford and Mandeville. I also would not kick a Devon out of bed. :happydance:
  11. but that's the best kind of slut one can be!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. I couldn't decide between the lipstick saddle and the shadow, ooh and then there's the regular saddle, oh and the silver and the... I guess I'm a l.a.m.b. slut too...:girlsigh:
  13. L.A.M.B. sluts all around!! I can't decide either, I love em all! Some days its the rasta, some days cheetah, or lipstick, or shadow or silver...too many to love :love:
  14. I want 'em all too - I can't pick just one!
  15. crap! I picked LS.. but I was very torn between LS, Shadow and Silver.. should've just picked the Lamb ho option.