whats your fav handheld?

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  1. you can tell im pretty bored and :drool: over LV bags gosh i want one sooooo bad lol but back to subject what handheld do you like i have no idea but the speedies i think are ideal for handhelds what about you?
  2. i think the speedy's are lv's best handhelds.
  3. tivoli pm! they are just so cute and feminine.
  4. Right now my favorite is my black MC Priscilla. Then after that my speedy's
  5. speedys!
  6. black Epi Alma!
  7. epi alma!
  8. Azur Speedy is my favorite!!!
  9. ITA with these lovely ladies! :love:
  10. I would say my top 3 are:
    1. Suhali Lockit
    2. Vernis reade - I love all the colors
    3. Speedy
  11. The speedy is the best handheld!
  12. ribera!!!!!!
  13. speedy
  14. < --- Suhali Le Fab:love:
  15. My Speedys with Alma at close second.