What's your fav cross body bag??

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  1. I Would like to buy a cross body bag but I can't decide.... Help!!
  2. Im biased i love everything DE so id reccomend the bloomsbury or the Besace Rosebery :smile:

    The menilmontant is really nice also :smile:
  3. The empreinte speedy b. my fav all around bag!! Handheld, shoulder carry & cross body
  4. I LOVE my Pochette Bosphore!!! I don't see a lot of the eirther :smile:
  5. Sophia Coppola from LV but out of any brand its the hermes steve.
  6. i L:love:VE my bloomsbury gm and menilmontant MM.

  7. I totally agree!
  8. Im wondering the same thing!! I want a nice versatile bag, I was told blomsbury, danube, saumur!
  9. Bloombury GM
  10. Im jelly you have the GM Bloomie :crybaby:
  11. DE Speedy B 35 and DE Eva
  12. I have a bloomsbury gm and love it!!!! Also have the odeon pm and love that too!!!
  13. No doubt Eva !!!!
    Great cross body bag during the day
    .....great evening bag during the night !!!!

    Can blooms do that ??? No !!!!! Lol
  14. Bloomsbury pm
    It is enough for every needs..

    IMO eva is too small cause can't fit some imp stuff like sunglasses case. But still it is great as a evening purse.
  15. actually my friend bought it for me in singapore (without even trying it on) but in PM size coz she told me that it's the right size for me but when i got the bag it's way too small for my needs:nogood: (specially with 4 boys) so i exchange it with the GM size :love:(good thing coz GM is discontinued). have you tried looking for a preloved?:search: