What's your fashion 'wild streak'?

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  1. Other than carrying a (perhaps) outrageous bag, what else do you do that makes people notice you?

    For me, I'm known for having really weird colors on my toenails! I don't own a pink or a red polish. My toenails are silver or green or orange or yellow or blue or black. With a good pedicure and quality polish, they look great. And, if the occasion doesn't allow for weird toes, I can always just wear closed shoes and then its my secret. But my friends frequently ask what color I have my toes! In fact, I usually let my children (10 y.o. boy and 5 y.o. girl) choose from my stock of colors before I go to have my toes done.
  2. Bright hair. It was just Copper orange and deep red and blonde Tri colored.
  3. I guess it would be belts. I have a few "wild" ones - a black leather one with a double-row of silver pyramids, black & white checkered, a big, wide blue belt with two rows of big holes... I think the name of it at the store was the Swiss Cheese belt :toung:

    Oh, and I have a pair of vintage black Converse One Stars with bright pink laces with stars on them :love: Those are fun to wear.
  4. Pink hair !

    Ah those were the days, but I doubt I could do it anymore since it just takes forever for your hair to grow out from the harsh bleaching.
  5. Usually my personality? hehe People would think I'm snobbish the first time they meet me. But it's really the opposite...
  6. My hair ..i have new style all most every week
  7. shoes. i love bright colored or metallic shoes. the outfit is in the accessories, after all :smile:
  8. Well, since it has gotten really cold here, a good coat or jacket. I love bright colors, and recently purchase a beautiful winter white coat. I feel so sophisticated in it!
  9. Red lipstick, red nails!!!
  10. My jewellery.Big part of my look.
  11. My make-up (I love changing some details each day) and my ethnic jewellery, especially necklaces and earrings.
  12. hair, jewellery and shoes - I'm obsessive compulsive when I get dressed to really go somewhere but it's part of the fun of going out!!! Around the house, I"m a tee shirt mess.