What's your fashion style?

  1. 1) "Haute Couture" - you live for high-end fashion and own only Chanel, Chloe, McQueen, and Missoni pieces!

    2) "Contemporary: Girly-girl" - you love dressing up in your MARC blouses, Theory pencil skirts, and Kors peep-toe pumps!

    3) "Contemporary: Casual" - you're a jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal. More than half your wardrobe consists of Juicy Couture, Sevens, and over 30 pairs of flats.

    4) "Bargain shopper" - you don't care about name brands and never have! You aren't afraid to admit that you don't have a $1,000/mth wardrobe budget and live for 50% off sales!

    5) "Chameleon" - you love everything and like to change up your style! Your style changes with your mood.

    6) "None of the above" - Tell us about it!


    I'd say I'm #3 but with an edge! I love my skinny jeans, chuck taylors, graphic tees and black jewelry. I looooove accessories and aren't afraid to experiment with them! I can also be a chameleon too, but most of the time I'm dressed pretty casually.

    So what about you? :smile:
  2. contemporary girly-girl
  3. I mix of Haute Couture and Bargain Shopper. I hang my Chanel sweaters and Gaultier blazers next to my vintage suits and furs and my bags consist of half Prada, half 50's and 80's bags.
  4. I'm a chameleon who mixes her haute couture and bargain finds. I shop everywhere. I get weird looks sometimes because of what I wear (even at Fashion Week) and especially in the conservative area I live most of the year.
  5. Mix of everything with emphasis on 1 and 4, I don't care for Missoni though
  6. 2 and 3, but would kill for some 1!

    I'm a girly girl and love dressing in a sophisticated but fun manner...slacks or dark denim, cashmere sweater, fabulous jewelry and high wedges, boots or heels with a killer leather jacket are the staples of my early fall wardrobe...and when I'm not at work I'm at the rink playing hockey and sweating up a storm (but in super cute sweats afterwards of course, yet not worrying about sweaty hair and makeup). :lol:
  7. For me...
    Mon - Fri: Definitely #3 (pretty common engineer style in silicon valley I guess :shame: )
    Sat - Sun: mix of 1 & 2. These are the days will see me wearing high heels & wearing designer clothing :sweatdrop:
  8. chameleon I guess but I spend so much time in scrubs or PJs it's hard to tell...
  9. Mostly #2 (Contemporary: Girly-girl).
    I don't care about name brands though. =)
  10. From those I guess number 2
  11. This is the nearest:

    5) "Chameleon" - you love everything and like to change up your style! Your style changes with your mood. :biggrin:

    I'm completely unfaithful! :shame: Those designers need to keep on their toes and keep producing the goods, to keep my interest!

    At the same time, I don't take kindly to constantly changing fashion, just for the sake of it. Fashion should be a logical progression and you should be able to wear your designer items for more than one season. :yes:

  12. We must have been separated at birth, I think! :lol:

    I live in a very conservative (with a big and a little C!) area too and I've always raised eyebrows! :lol:

    Mind you, it doesn't take much, around here...!
  13. Chameleon
  14. I think I'm a mix between Contempory:Casual and Bargain hunter. I don't have a lot of expensive clothes and I love sales!
  15. Contemporary Casual & Chameleon =D