Whats Your Eye Sight?

  1. I'm a -7.5 on each eye. :Push:

    How about you?
  2. Left: -5
    Right: -4.75

    i'm the only one in my family with bad eyesight. :sad:
  3. Both eyes are -5. Planning to get lasik soon though. Contacts & glasses are such a hassle!
  4. Is it the higher the number, the worse your eyesight is?

    I don't know how strong my contact lenses are. The info on the box confuses me.
  5. Well, if it were a product, it would come with a disclaimer that said something like "sold as a novelty only."

    I'm not sure of the numbers. 20/several squillion on one, 20/several more squillion in the other.

    I need to go to the opthalmologist, I know it is worse than the last time I went, Lord knows what diabetes has done to it, and it was never much to brag about to begin with!
  6. I don't need glasses....(yet?) =)
  7. -8 left, -7.5 right. I'm so thankful for contacts and glasses!
  8. -6 and -5.75.

    Lasik will be my birthday present to myself this coming year!
  9. I don't know. :shame:

    I haven't, yet, felt the need to get an eye test.

    I've never struggled to see anything and we had eye tests at school and I was never told I had to wear glasses, so I assume they're OK; for now at least.
  10. -10.50 and -11.00
    but i need to go back cause things are all fuzzy again...

  11. holy cow! :wtf:
  12. you're telling me...
    it sucks. big time.
    i figure by the time i go back, it'll be at LEAST -11.50 in each eye.
    and they won't do lasik until my eyes are stable, which probably won't be for another few years (i'm 21 now).
  13. 20/15 in my right & 20/20 in my left. I had LASIK 6 years ago...before that I don't know but my alarm clock was fuzzy less than 8 inches in front of my face. They were pretty bad!
  14. hm..no idea what my eyesight is.. I thikn a little better than 20/20..my brother got all the bad genes for eyesight :huh: He got Lasik
  15. Well, i don't have glasses or contacts as of now......
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