What's your experience with Theory Clothing?

  1. I made the mistake recently of trying on some Theory Pants. I am now in love! The quality is amazing, and I want more. :yucky:

    I realized quickly that some of the pants run smallish. In BR, Gap, J. Crew, I'm about a 4-6. In the Max C theory pants, I bought size 8 since they are for work, and I don't want them tight....they are loose, but professional looking. My ego is just now getting over this.:rolleyes: Some of the size 6's were fine, but the Max C seem snug in the thigh, and it's the workplace, not going out.

    Then I tried on a size M sweater. Wow...snug. But Ok if I want attention....heh. I'm 5'10" with broad shoulders. Is Theory designed for small boned women?

    I'm looking at ordering a black stretch suit jacket online....just wondering about size. Any input would be appreciated. TIA!
  2. I absolutely love Theory for work clothes. The pants are well-made...not every style fits as slim as the Max C's do. I always have to size up for those!

    I only have Theory t-shirt so can't comment on their sweaters, but I do think the cut for their tops is not the most flattering for broad-shouldered women (like you and me!)

    For their suit jackets, though, I've found that they run pretty TTS.
  3. Thanks FanAddict!

    I will go with the 6 then. It looks like I would have to buy the large size in their clingy sweaters. Does anyone know anything about the dress shirts?
  4. I love Theory!

    I've found them to run quite true to size. Their 2's fit me pretty well usually, although in one shirtdress I got a 4 so the buttons on the top laid better. I'm usually a small or 2/4 in other brands.

    Aren't their clothes great?
  5. Thanks Emily-

    Yes-I love what I've tried so far! I am now looking at the dress shirts, and will have to try some on. I worry they may be too short waisted for my looooooong frame, but I have hope!
  6. Enjoy your new pants, but be careful. You might feel the urge to buy them in every color... like I did. :biggrin:
  7. love theory! The max C pants are my fav and I thought they fit tts. every body is different though so don't worry about size and just goes for what fits well! i also love their dress shirts/sweaters/suits/jackets ~ everything!
  8. I LOVE Theory pants! There are NO dress/work pants that fit as well as Theory IMO. They fit me TTS, but like ally24k said, every body is different. My favorite pant material from them is the stretch canvas - LOVE!
  9. Generally I love their clothing, although a few seasons ago I was looking at their cashmere sweaters and I wasn't impressed. They were itchy. But for everything else, they are great! Check out their cotton t-shirts, the feel of them is divine!
  10. i LOVE theory suit pants.
    I've been having such a hard time finding slacks but no more worries now. I love how my butt looks in them. Haha.
    For me, i had to go one size up.
  11. I'm a huge Theory freak...above the waist that is, LOL. I have quite a few short sleeved button front shirts, plus I recently purchased a couple longer deep v'd sweater vests (lightweight wool) and a deep plum 3/4 ribbed top with a wider neckline (a little too revealing for work but fun for shopping, going out, etc). The sweater vests are fabulous for layering now that the weather's changing. The blouses iron beautifully and they just look great. I swore by these when I was doing some business travel at my other job earlier this year. I could take these anywhere and they would look chic and elegant no matter where I went and I could stay cool working long hours.

    I do have to size up. psychologically that's not fun but I have pretty broad shoulders. I just remember the size is on the label inside, not what people see outside.

    As far as pants, I have curves and honestly I have put on a few pounds recently so I'm not in any mood to try on any pants. BUT I love the look of Theory pantsuits...so it's back to the gym!
  12. Cecilia2, I actually thought of your post today, as I picked up a few basic tops (a fuchsia short sleeve tee and a purple short sleeve turtleneck) - I got M's :smile: And they have SUCH great stuff out right now, I'm drooling over the sweaters and dresses...
  13. I recently bought a theory suit for school, and I love it! I find it so hard to find womens suits, but theorys are amazing!
  14. I like them for building good, classic staples in your wardrobe. I have a Theory trench that I've been wearing recently since the weather has gotten cooler that I absolutely love.
  15. I find theory size rather inconsistent. for the blazer, they run tts or big (I fit sz 00) but when they fit, they look so good. the pants runs big.. 0 is too big on me. basic Tee & tanks run small, but fashion tops run tts or big