What's your experience buying bags, etc. from men?

  1. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I should also specify buying women's items from men.

    I have had good luck with eBay untill recently. I bought a damaged item where the seller happened to be a man and let me tell you he was such a jerk. It all worked out in my favor as I knew it would, but just an unpleasant person. Rude, condescending emails.

    Now, I bought a small dollar item that was described as new in box. I received the item and not everything that goes along with it. No box, case nothing. I emailed the seller and I can't tell you how rude and sarcastic he was, accusing me of buyers remorse yada yada yada. Yuk!

    Now, I have only had these two transactions turn sour and they both happened to be men selling women's products. Is it just my luck or what? LOL!
  2. I have only purchased one authentic bag from a man with no problems. However, in my early days have purchased a few fakes before l really got into the whole designer thing and they were from women.
  3. how can you tell what gender they are? i
  4. In general, I do not like buying bags from men. I have almost always had bad to really bad experiences with male sellers of handbags in the past. I just don't feel that they really knew what they were talking about, the descriptions turned out to be inaccurate and/or incomplete, and the condition was nowhere near what they said it was. In several cases, I was even told, "Well how am I supposed to know it's fake, I'm a guy". Um, huh?? Of course, this was just my personal experience on eBay and in no way meant to denigrate men in general.

    That being said, there is a specific eBay seller I often buy from, and I believe that that selling account is run by two men. I love them! But in my personal experience, they're an exception to the rule.

    Most men don't really strike me as any sort of reliable source for ladies' handbags, just like the majority of women I know wouldn't be the best people to ask if you had detailed questions about a carbuerator or something (of course, my husband would be just about as useless on that subject, LOL, and is probably more conversant about Birkins than car engines! But he's been trained, you see.)
  5. LOL!

    The ship from address on the box. I know it's just a cooincidence that the sellers happened to be men.

    I know this thread is silly, but jeez the guy I'm dealing with now is such a sarcastic jerk.

    Do people not get it that you attract more flies with sugar? I mean, do ebay sellers and buyers not appreciate friendly respectful communication? What I'm saying is, in like most things in life, when two parties are respectful of one another, things can be resolved. BUT, when one party is agressive and unreasonable things usually escalate and go beyond where it would had the approach been different. KWIM?

    This is really my point, being a man or woman makes no difference.
  6. I purchased a wallet from a male seller. I should have known, they just don't get it. I did resell it for more, again b/c HE didn't even know how to market it.
    I have to say, I'm very lucky, DH knows his handbags!
  7. Oh Cynthia, thank you... Yes, you're right, having started this thread wasn't meant to bash men at all. I'm just happy to hear someone else has had this experience...haha, that sounds weird. But I can definitely relate to what you've described. I guess I could have bought from other men in the past but didn't know because there were no problems... I guess it was my turn. lol

    It's just so funny to me because I know me getting upset does no good, it's definitely not worth all of that, but I'm amazed at what people will type and just outright lack of respect for another. Where you say to yourself, "what?" Don't get me wrong, he definitely pushed my buttons and I sure wanted to tell him where to...... BUT, I'd rather not engage and hope one likes it more not getting a response.:smile: Thanks mom, finally got it.

    Oh well, don't sweat the small stuff, right...
  8. I am a man selling bags on ebay with my girlfriend.... it did help to have a female around to help with things while I was learning. However, I don't think on a customer service level there should be any difference what sex the seller is.

    However, a seller of handbags or womens items on ebay should never use the excuse that he is a guy for describing something wrong or selling a fake. If a seller isn't sure... there should be a disclaimer right in the auction (I've seen it many times) saying that they are not familiar with the item and did their best to describe it.

    Of course - even if you did have a hard time buying from men on ebay, there really wouldn't be much of a way to avoid it since you can't always tell by checking out the 'about me' page, etc.
  9. So many men are on ebay these days claiming to sell a bag that "belonged to their ex", or they were "just going to give it to their ex as a present, but then they broke up." That , and the fact that some men don't know much about bags, makes me uncomfortable.
  10. WRONG. If a seller isn't SURE a bag is authentic, he or she should not list it. Period.
    Authenticity disclaimers are against eBay policy just like selling a fake is against eBay policy. Either, and especially BOTH, are grounds for listing termination and/or suspension of the seller's account.

    Fakes are not harmless. They're illegal, and for good reason.
  11. I totally agree with you about the fakes... I was meaning more to the fact of how to describe the handbag, such as type of leather, interior lining, etc.

    If someone doesn't know if an item is authentic, they should bring it to someone/somewhere that does.

  12. I've only had one male seller (his id gave away his gender) and it was positive for the most part.

    I was in a Prada phase years ago and I saw this wallet I liked. The auction had one pic and just "Prada wallet" on the description, but I had a good vibe about it and the price was so low that I went for it. Although he charged me $25 for s&h, the wallet arrived stuffed in an envelope, using the slowest, cheapest shipping you can imagine. I didn't complain because it turned out ( comparing it to the same one being sold at Neiman Marcus) I'd paid $80 total for a $400 wallet, brand new.

    I haven't done anything like that since because I can't be that lucky all the time. He doesn't sell anymore but he's gotten a lot of negative fb for excessive s&h.