What's your everyday bag?

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  1. Hello all. I have been getting into Chanel and made my first 2 Chanel purchases - beige/balck bowling & could the beige/balck med tote (from the Hawaii sale :biggrin: ) I also got a LV Eliza (sold off my old LV's to fund) :yes:

    I got the bowling & Eliza for "special" events & the tote for everyday. I got to wondering ---

    What do you use for your everyday/out & about bag?
  2. I switch bags every few weeks. There's no rhyme or reason - just whatever floats my boat at the time.
  3. My every day bag would be one of my Bbags, the color I use just depends on my mood for the day.
  4. I change bags everyday SOMETIMES twice (If I am going out that nite) ... I LOVE ALL of my babies so I try to use them all as much as I can so the others don't get mad..LOL
  5. I Change Daily
  6. Depends on my mood and the weather. My Bolt bag is very casual so that tends to be my first choice but the Re-issue is always a close contender......
  7. i'm using my b-bags everyday... but once my Chanel comes in the mail... i think i'll give my b-bags a bit of a rest....
  8. I switch bags when I'm bored.
  9. I change usually according to the day's outfit but not jsut then, sometimes I need a bigger bag for work or a smaller bag for night out. NO wonder I've got so darn many bags.
  10. I'm bad. I change bags almost everyday except for days when I'm running late.
  11. I change bags depending on my outfits..
  12. i switch bags too...depending on my outfit and my mood:smile:
  13. Definently depends on what I'm wearing. But sometines I plan the color of my outfit if I really want to carry a certain bag.
  14. I usually switch bags daily. :yes:
  15. ^^^Ditto!
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