What's your everyday bag?

  1. I'm umming and ahing over a couple of bags for everyday use, the one I'm currently using is a bit past it's best and I'm bored of it! What do you use everyday - do you go high end of high street? What colour?
  2. Right now I'm carrying my black LV Passy for an everyday bag. Perfect for everyday use.
  3. My LV Denim Speedy (blue) is somehow my everyday bag... it goes w/ almost everything and it's the most practical bag I own. Plus I have semester holidays at the moment and don't need a big bag right now... for university I use George Gina & Lucy bags - in almost every color.
  4. damier speedy 30 :smile:
  5. Since I lug my laptop around every day, I need a large, but still professional looking bag. I have a tan leather Coach and a black Furla that are my work bags.
  6. my precious Alma :smile:
  7. It's been more than a week now I'm w/ my chanel black caviar backpack in day time. Well, think of changing to prada (black or brown) or celine (chocolate - only have 1 thou) tomorrow or day after. I try to rotate the bags so they can get fresh air :smile:
  8. Wow...depends on the day and what I am wearing and where I am going...best daytime bags are roomy yet not heavy because of hardware...I also favor bags that can be worn over the shoulder as well as hand held.
  9. high street, and I change the bag every day, very rarely do I use the same bag 2 days in a row :biggrin:
  10. Everyday bag for work is a green suede across body bag (handmade in scotland by caroline Marr). When not at work it's a Radley bag but after my Birthday I'll be using my new Mulberry Antony!
  11. Right now my everyday bag is a teal Botkier Medium Bianca. I was always a little aprehensive about buying a colored bag at this price because I bought a red Coach one that I never used and just sold it. Yet it goes with everything I own. I can't say that with my neutral bags because I have a thing about wearing black and brown together.
  12. right now its my small gucci positano tote
  13. right now, my chanel coco cabas vinyl, but sometimes i use my balenciaga bags when i carry heavy things :p
  14. oh golly i'm a minimalist so i only use my coach wristlet. i never use big bags anymore coz of my scoliosis.....
  15. Right now I have been using my Un Apres Midi de Chien Large Passy in steel blue as my everyday bag....but that's only because I have sold off most of my leather bags and am waiting for some new ones to come in! ;)