What's your eBay ID?

  1. It seems that a lot of us on here sell on eBay-I thought it might be nice to know each other's seller IDs. So, if the mods don't mind, I thought we could start a thread listing them all so other PF'ers could check out our stuff.

    (if this isn't ok-please feel free to take it down).

    My eBay ID is:

  2. I don't sell, but mine is sanguar.
  3. mighty_suarez here!
  4. stirwise!
    But like sanguar, I don't sell. If I ever bid on one of your items, though, you'll know who I am!
  5. I only buy...but my username is Hyltonchic85.
  6. I don't prefer saying in public personally ;)
  7. Mine's easy...vanojr9!
  8. Named after BF...lol ;)

  9. mariaisabel0503 - I buy and sell :smile:
  10. I don't sell on ebay, but mine is chihuahua_queen.
  11. club_rsx - our business name - we have a store (NOT ebay) but set up the ebay name for customer returns that we can't send back to the manufacturer.
  12. njc2000 :smile:
  13. i buy & sell. same as username: frozen7313
  14. how do we find you guys on ebay?
  15. click on advanced search (top right), then go to find sellers on left hand column and type a name in. ;)