What's your dream job and why?

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  1. I love asking this question!

    I currently work in educational finance which I do really enjoy... but my dream job is a Private Investigator/MUA/Veterinarian hybrid.

    I've always loved makeup and express myself creatively through a "face canvas" and animals have always been my passion but I'm not so good with science... and whenever my friends need me to find dirt on someone I always manage to :P

    So what are your dream jobs and professions? I'd love to hear!
  2. Astrophysicist, even though I have a degree in physics this was wiped quickly off the list lol

    Ultimately I want to be a neurologist, maybe one day :smile:
  3. I would love to work as a social investigator or tax inspector. I did have an internship at the social investigation department, but because of the crisis they couldn't hire me after the internship was over. So I am still looking for a job :sad:
  4. 1. I would love to be a writer. When I went to college, that was what I really wanted to do. Unfortunately, you have to be really talented to make it, and I don't think I exactly fall into that category!

    2. I would love to have been a research virologist. For some reason, I find learning about deadly diseases to be fascinating. However, after a less than stellar performance in my biology and organic chemistry classes in college, I determined that this was not a viable option!

    3. If the prior two options were not available, I'd settle for being Bradley Cooper's wife. :smile:
  5. OMG :lol:
  6. One that directly deposits a paycheck to my account but does not require anything of me. Yes definitely a dream job-more like a fantasy.
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    Clinical or counseling psychologist... But, now the field is full of LCSWS/MFTs/LCPCs. I may do that instead now that I quit my job.
  8. Is "Independently Wealthy" a job? ;)

    If I am forced to work I think I would like my own radio or talk show or to be in some venue where I got paid - highly - for giving my opinion and talking about things that interest me. I'm the baby and a gemini - I lurve to talk :coolio:
  9. Completely in the realm of fantasy, I would have loved to have been a Prima Ballerina for ABT and a wildly successful romance novelist on the side :P
  10. Writer/fat activist. I want to be another Marilyn Wann/Virgie Tovar, traveling and speaking and letting people know that they are okay the way they are now.

    I am a social worker now, but I am completely disillusioned with hiring, billing, treatment, management, and everyone and everything.
  11. Yes to this!! I have a friend in radio and we always talked about doing a show just BSing with each other! It sounds like so much fun!
  12. Well, I happen to love your writing and your blog and that's a fact - so get those posts going!! :yes: :ninja:

    My dream job would be kind of what I do now, but instead of running a private healthcare company, I'd love to run a major retail company - economics is my true love and business is my best friend :biggrin: :yes:

  13. Ha! If only people actually had to be talented to be published writers. I could name a few wildly popular novels where the writing is so bad I actually wonder if these people made it through middle school.
  14. Haha so true! I didn't even think about that. Perhaps there's hope for me yet!
  15. A food critic. Oh man.
    Or someone who travels for a living to review holidays.