What's your dream Hermes bag will be?

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What Hermes bag do you prefer to have?

  1. Birkin

  2. Kelly

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok... so I was thinking of getting a Hermes bag myself for graduation.. So I better put my name down soon somewhere :lol: ... I guess that's the only time that I think would be reasonable to ask my parents for something big.. But I like the Birkin and Kelly. I'm just curious.. Does anyone prefer kelly or birkin??

    What color and leather too...?

    Mine is either Kelly or Birkin (though leaning towards birkin) in 35 cm in Dark Blue color.. It's beautifulll... I can only imagine :suspiciou
  2. So Ladies.. put your thinking cap on and vote!!
  3. I like the Bolide best...
  4. The birkin hands down! I'd take a Kelly as a second Hermes or something. I want the black or fuscia 35cm :biggrin: I love the bright Hermes colors!
  5. Birkin...


    I'd love to have an orange Birkin like this one:
  6. This is so adorable...

  7. A bright Birkin -- raspberry, lime, orange...something you can turn into a smoothie and sip through a straw!
  8. "Yummy" Birkins.:biggrin: (That's what I think whenever I see an orange Birkin.)

  9. I have changed my mind about my dreambag....from a classic Birkin to this JPG Birkin. I love that it goes over the shoulder!!! Lieu is soooo lucky to get it while it is still available!!!!:love:
  10. I would love to get a crocodile Birkin or Kelly some day:love:
  11. The JPG Birkin in fuscia. It would be nice to have any Hermes bag.
  12. JPG Birkin - i love it!!
  13. I'd have a black 35cm Birkin with silver hardware. I don't like black bags, but for this, it just seems perfect. Classy, timeless........Besides, I use the Balenciagas to fill my colour needs. Although - lets face it - I wouldn't say no to any Birkin. Or Kelly.
  14. I actually prefer the slightly more structured shape of the Kelly, but I love the fact that the JPG birkin can fit over your shoulder .. too bad it's so devilishly hard to get your name on a list for any hermes.
  15. Birkin, ostrich or dark brown croc varieties.