whats your dream bag?????

  1. Whats your dream bag or bags???

  2. my dream bag will not ever be made. I would love a MC stephen in black and white. Also an all pink speedy, would be so gorgeous.
  3. Eye dare you...basically l'extravegant in mc eye (for those who haven't seen it).
  4. Well a Black Suhali L'Extravagant but if they could make it an even better dream, than that bag in Germanium...

    Also a Brownish colored Alligator Keepall 50 with silver hardware
  5. Black Lambskin Riveting
  6. I guess I'm a simple LV girl, bec. I have my dream bags, the mono speedy 30 and damier speedy 30. But I still like and want some other bags, lol.
  7. Dream bag? Believe me... I don't have one now. I actually feel content with my current collection and don't have anything that I am wishing for. Isn't this strange? Maybe I'll change my mind in a few days. Who knows?!

  8. It'll happen, eventually they'll come out w/ an epi pink shade right before the summer time like they did w/ ivorie.
  9. good for you! you should be an inspiration for us all! For me, I NEED to look forward to a bag, that's part of the enjoyment for me, it takes the dull out of my day knowing that sometime in the future a great bag is headed my way. I am content waiting for it though, although feel a tad antsy but that's probably bec. I don't own any epi yet, so the anticipation is overwhelming. Waiting to get another mono bag isn't nearly as intense.
  10. The gold Theda is one of my fave bags ever. I also love the black vienna Mizi.
  11. Red/Creme CB Papillon
    Always has been and always will be. Until I get it, of course. :smile:
  12. :tup: LOL, yes, please! We should start a campaign. I totally missed Stephen since I just recently began collecting LV but, an MC Stephen in white would absolutely make my bag dreams come true :yes:. So nice to know that many of us think the same.
  13. To replace my pink/pink CB PTI wallet. LV destroyed it when it went in for repairs. It's been over 3 years now and I miss it so much.
  14. Wish LV would make a MC speedy 25 ! I even tried to special order it and they do not special order when its from a collection by a designer!:crybaby:
  15. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Or I can settle for a mc l'extravegant.
    Though I will probably never use it, but just for a collection piece