Whats Your Definition Of "Semi-Formal"?

  1. Ive been to many semi formal parties and theres always people who are either in ridiculous cocktail dresses or super simple dresses. So whats your definition, what do you think are the boundaries, and what should you wear?
  2. hmmm, semi formal to me means cocktail dress i suppose. no sequins or beaded dresses, too fancy for semi.
  3. blazer with a nice pari of pants, but maybe not a tie, or some detail to loosen it up.
  4. See this is what Im talking about! Its hard to decide whether it means what Liberte said or what Haute Couturess said. Semi formal is tricky.
  5. For my semi-formal all the girls generally wore cocktail dresses or any dress that was about knee length.
  6. I was talking about boys version. =P
  7. For women: cocktail dress
    For men: dark suit and tie. No sportcoats.
  8. LOL Liberte!!! I thought that was a bit interesting. It seems like most people have agreed on cocktail dresses!