what's your decorating style? *pictures encouraged! :)*

  1. i really want to redecorate my bedroom (and the rest of my house as well....one room at a time :yes: ).

    right now i've got this accidental americana/country theme throughout my entire house. (i call it accidental americana b/c as per family tradition, my MIL decorated our house while we were away on our honeymoon. it's homey, but not me...and i've never gotten around to changing it.) with some extra christmas money floating around, hubs gave me the a-okay to start looking.

    i find decorating magazines and sites so overwhelming.....besides, all you ladies (and gents!) have such amazing taste. maybe you can point me in a direction. plus it's just plain fun to peek into other people's homes. ;)
  2. I like modern furniture... low-level furniture, Bauhaus-inspired designs... I also love art deco furniture. Frank Lloyd Wright did a mid-market line of furniture that's obviously gone up significantly in price but is still affordable. I've been trying to get ahold of one of those coffee tables forever!

    I really like anything clean. When I lived with my sorority sisters, our whole house looked like something puked up by Rachel Ashley or whoever that Shabby Chic woman is... I personally prefer a more streamlined, minimal aesthetic.

  3. Yea, good for you! It will be nice to have your home done in your own style. And I think it's less overwhelming to do it the way you plan to, one room at a time. Several years ago we, too started with our bedroom.

    Our preference is for classic furniture. Our house has all Brazillian Cherry hardwood floors which is a pretty dark reddish-brown color and we have lots of Persian rugs. So, the furniture we tend to buy is fairly dark reddish-brown too, usually mahogany or cherry wood. We have bought a lot from Ethan Allen and a couple of small gallery type stores in our area.

    I agree that redecorating your house is a daunting task, but I get ideas from magazines too. I read English Home, Architectual Digest, The World of Interiors and Verandah.

    Have fun!
  4. Congrats! My favorite topic!
    I would say take your time & do one room at a time. If you don't love it, don't buy just to fill a room. If you really love a piece, it will live with you many years. You'll find its use in different rooms as you change houses. Go to design centers if you can, many big cities have them. Again don't rush yourself. Look through magazines, tear out pages, talk with DH & see what his input is. Find out what styles you prefer. the look you are going for. There probably is a magazine with that look. If you aren't sure, get overwhelmed, & just want a change now, the cheapest change you can make it is to paint the walls another color. Watch for auctions & other places you might not normally consider to your decorating needs.
    We live in an Italian Villa style home. Floors are all travertine, tons of persian rugs (DH is a collector) like leelee. I had a decorator guide me, wanted to do my own home & some furniture lines only will sell through a decorator. I have found items that had more the look was going for, so I've sold pieces. If you spend money on quality items, you can always find someone that will buy them from you. I sold a dining room table that just didn't work as well as the replacement I found. My neighbor bought my old one from me for what I paid for it.
    We mix styles & throw in a few antiques. But everything works well together & we have a unique look.
  5. My house is very eclectic, I have some antique furniture pieces mixed in w/ Pottery barn pieces. It all works out well. My hubby and I only use things we love, our art is from places we've been or photographs my hubby has taken (he's really good), nothing generic in my house (except my PB pillows and drapes). Good luck and have fun, decorating is so much fun, I was kind of sad when my entire house was done.
  6. I love Bauhaus too!

  7. We just recently purchased a condo and had the chance to do our decorating for the first time. The living room is painted in a nice bright green (wales green - benjamin moore) and the furniture is white (white leather sofa, TV unit, sideboards, and some pieces are wood) but it's very modern looking.

    In my bedroom I chose something warmer, two walls are coloured in Debbie Travis's exotic red and ruby rose, the two walls meet in the corner and opposite each wall is done in white.
    Everything that went in there was from IKEA, using black I choose the black steel framed bed with the small black side table in iron as well and the black malm four drawer dresser along with the LACK shelf in a dark wood finish (it looks black and matches the dresser) The lack can be laid down or stood up and I used it in the corner as a book and display shelf.
    I'd say I went with sort of a modern moroccan theme with a touch of girliness.

    living room on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    IKEA stuff on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  8. I also like a breezy beach house feel, blonde wood, white furniture, accents of cobalt blue and green in a contemporary, boxy house.
  9. Miss 2 A - love the white sofa!
  10. I love that theme. I am also into a contemporary French style and like a shabby chic.
  11. Thanks, daffie!! But when you got a cat, seriously, it's so hard. She couldn't wait until she could sink her little nails into it, it's like she thought it was bought for her!

    well, the cover my mom made (from ikea white bed spreads) works just perfectly, and since then no attempts were made by our cat.
  12. I love the asian-inspired Japanese shinto styles. I just got a new living room set, so I will post pics when it arrives later in the new year!

    I love dark browns & earthy tones and rich reds!
  13. I love the modern/streamlined style with a touch of whimsy (using art, etc). The best magazine for ideas is a British one - Living Room - I absolutely adore it!
  14. This is such a good thread! Decorating my house is a passion of mine. It's what I live for, actually. I also like being introduced to styles other than my own. It's interesting to be exposed to other interior "personalities".
  15. We're very Old World-ish here. Homey for sure but I like furniture/design w/ lots of character and that doesn't look new.
    My bed is a 4 poster {which I never thought I'd like} distressed wood w/ a massive distressed leather headboard {gosh that sounds gross! LOL!}.
    We use lots of dark woods w/ worm holes and distressed finishes and lots of weathered iron. Also I can't stand pale walls, all the rooms are at least a camel shade or even darker.