What´s your current favorite MTV show/program ?

  1. I just got hooked on "The Hill" even if I am also annoyed by these girls....and they are only 19, so I should be too old for that, but....they go to a super uni, work for Teen Vogue, go out in cool places....dream dream dream....:girlsigh:
    How about you ?
  2. I liked the Hills a lot but I really like the Real World/Road Rules challeges the most.
  3. The Hills is pretty good, but I really like My Super Sweet Sixteen or Made.
  4. My super sweet sixteen & NEXT
  5. I like Made and True Life = )
  6. I'm an MTV junkie!!!
    I love them all My Super Sweet Sixteen, Made, The Hills, Laguna Beach...:roflmfao:
    I just can't seem to find the time to watch them all!
  7. I used to never watch MTV. But this summer I really got into The HIlls, Run's House, Sweet 16 and Laguna Beach. :Push:
  8. I didn't really get into Laguna Beach but I like to watch The Hills. I like Lauren much better than Kristen so probably figures.

    The girls on Super Sweet 16 are so obnoxious and snotty... but i still occasionally watch.
  9. Hmm.. I like Laguna Beach, The Hills, and the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. For some reason I can never compel myself to watch an entire season of The Real World, because I just get tired of it after a while. :Push:

    My Super Sweet 16 is sometimes entertaining. Those girls are all pretty much new money and they're just about showing it off. But, it makes good TV!
  10. The Challenge and Super Sweet 16
  11. i really like the new football show- Two-A-Days and laguna beach..plus i think run's house is hysterical
  12. Love that show - Believe it or not, I want Wes and Casey to win. I felt like they really deserve to win since they were always sent to exile, and a big target.

    I think I am finally getting bored with of Real World.
  13. This show hasn't been on in years, but I used to love 120 minutes. Anyone remember? :jammin:

    I don't really watch MTV anymore :yucky: but sometimes I catch Cribs. The people featured on that show have way too many cars.
  14. i like the hills too but i dont really have a fave tv show because i dont watch tv often.. it annoys me sometimes.. hahaha im weird
  15. My super sweet 16 is my escapist trash. LOL so funny to see those spoiled girls.